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    I exchanged numbers with a guy from a dating app. We’ve been texting and talked on the phone once (been in contact about two weeks now). Yesterday he was in a very sexual mood. Kept sending me sex-related or sexy gifs and sexual innuendos. Never did this before yesterday. We had flirty comments back and forth but it was like everything I texted to him he twisted sexual, like talking to a 15 yr old boy. I brushed it off for the most part and played along to a degree, but towards the end of the day I (after getting another sexual-related gif), said I’m noticing a theme with you today. I’m not a prude but come on, grow up. I haven’t even met this guy. He said a theme? Oh yeah sex on the mind. I woke up in the mood and haven’t gotten out of it. I should try to distract myself. So I tried to engage him in other topics etc, but again, towards the end of the night he sends me another gif. I said ooook and on that note I’m biding you a goodnight. Nothing I thought was nasty or pointy or prudish.

    So today he doesn’t text me. He usually text me every morning. I sent him a good morning text and he just said morning and is being very short and curt with me. He said he didn’t sleep good last night. I responded and asked a few questions about his day, he didn’t answer. Three or four hours later I asked him if he was having a bad day….he said no doing paperwork. I said ok just not feeling talkative towards me today? He responded I didn’t sleep good last night. I let some time go and said well hopefully you’ll be sleeping in your own bed tonight and get a good sleep. No response.

    Did I do something wrong? Do you think he’s annoyed at me for something? I honestly don’t think I said anything that would make him treat me like this. What do you think?

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    Uh, it’s pretty obvious that he’s only interested in either sexting/or sex with you. Especially since you met him on a dating site and haven’t even met up in person, which I suggest you don’t because he is definitely only interested in sex. He stopped talking to you because you weren’t reciprocating. Not sure what’s so hard to figure out here.

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    Liz Lemon

    You’ve never met this guy. Did you ever plan to meet? There’s no point to texting someone endlessly if you haven’t even met them. And it’s a bad idea because it creates false intimacy and expectations. This situation is a perfect example of that. You don’t know this guy at all, yet you have an expectation about how he should behave towards you.

    It sounds like he’s looking for sex and when you didn’t take the bait, he got irritated. I don’t think you did anything wrong in not playing along with the sexual innuendos, but I do think you made a mistake in having this daily text exchange with a complete stranger.

    The point of dating apps is to meet guys in person, not make texting buddies. Don’t make the mistake of texting a guy for weeks and thinking you know his character or know him as a person. You don’t. My advice is to quit texting with this guy (since he is clearly only interested in sex) and arrange to meet guys in person when you connect on the app. Don’t text for weeks- once you’ve established that you have stuff in common and there’s mutual interest, you should meet and get to know each other in person. If they guy won’t step up and ask you to meet, he’s wasting your time.

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    He was looking for a bang… Honestly, he’s creepy.

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    I had planned on meeting when our schedules allowed…I had even text to him that I enjoyed our convo the other night. He responded that he can call again and he enjoyed it too. I said yes I’d like that.
    Never called btw but again I figured once he was off he would call. Gave me hope this was moving in the right direction but I guess I’m glad I found out his true colors sooner than later.

    Just disappointing.. I didn’t get this vibe from him until yesterday.

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    When a man you haven’t met starts sending you sexually suggestive messages, that is an instant BLOCK everywhere without warning. He’s just shown you he’s a creep and all he wants is to get laid. I don’t care how nice he’s been up to that point. He’s a stranger from a dating app. He just proved he’s not good enough for you. FULL STOP. You do not fool around with guys who do this. Stop sucking up to him and block him. This is the kind of guy who does date rape.

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    Seriously, These guys are parasites…

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