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    Me and my ex broke up about 4 months ago (dated for a year), we never really stopped talking. Sometimes we were good and then other days we would just argue. We both obviously don’t want to let go, we still love each other. He’s idea was to take things slowly start from 0 give each other some time but I guess I found myself rushing things and might have pushed him away a bit. Now I understand the whole concept of taking things slow for us to be able to work it out. We’re both busy with school and work so maybe after all it is a good idea, I suggested we could keep things casual and he agreed. Have ya’ll ever done this? I haven’t so I’m a bit confused as to what to expect. Any advice?

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    You went from GF to FWB… Is that what you really want?

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    Well we only saw each other like 3 times between those 4 months but we talked everyday. This was his first relationship (he is turning 26 in a few months). I’m not concerned about him dating other girls because he’s not that type, I know he doesn’t want to let go of what we had but he also believes giving each other some space to work things out and ultimately stay together. He also said we shouldn’t be talking all day every day and I agreed because that’s how I started rushing things. I’m not heartbroken or depressed, I’ve been focusing a lot on myself. Going out with friends, going to the gym, doing well in school so I’m happy with life right now. He is someone very special to me who I don’t want out of my life and he feels the same about me, I’m guessing that’s why we’re doing things this way

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    We both want to be together but we don’t want to rush things and be serious again, if that makes any sense.

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    Im sorry but i think he keeps you as a “free sex and emotional support” option. You are a placeholder until slmeone he actually wants and likes comes along. If he was as invested in you as you are in him…you would still be a couple. Sorry, but please remove yourself from that situation and move in

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    LOL, y’all are forgetting that IT WAS ME who suggested we should keep things casual 😂

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    “LOL, y’all are forgetting it was me who suggested we should keep things casual”

    But before that it was him who suggested you slow things down. Men who see a future with you don’t do that. He started to back away, you offered sex with no commitment and he accepted. Can you not see that?

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