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    Hi good people,

    So this guy broke up with me after 10 months of dating. We spoke on the phone, and he said he wasn´t sure anymore but didn´t want to break it off officially. I sent a text wishing him a great day 15 days ago – no reply – and i didn´t try and reach out again. He ghosted me. I guess?

    I got stuff at his place (just a bag of clothes/shoes, jewelery) – In case he reaches out – 5 months from now on , that´s his communication style – do i have to reply?? i i know it will be a excuse for him to meet up and try the water (sleep with me me). I don´t WANT the stuff or see him.

    Should i reply or just write: THROW OUT / OR ?

    i JUST want as little contact as possible with him. I also removed his number and plan not to reach out.

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    You are wondering what you are going to say in 5 months from now? Lets focus on now and yourself and stay out of touch. There were maybe two molly’s Here. So im not clear on the background but do remember there always were issues. So be happy thats over. When it comes to the stuff: if you want it back, ask for it back. Tell him to leave it outside amd let you know when. Or let it go

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    I don´t want the stuff back – how to you handle that? At some point he´ll reach out and ask about it – i need to know what to say ? or should i just ignnore his text because i dont want the stuff back – but how will he know if i dont write anything?
    I just want to avoid any contact.

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    When he reaches out you say, I really dont need anything that was left. Feel free to toss it out and then stop responding to him completely. Anyone who ghosts you doesn’t really deserve any response.

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    Thanks Anon – that was a great response !!! :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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