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    *** this is also posted in texting advice. I feel this thread gets more action :)

    I met a guy online right when lockdowns started. We kept in touch.. however not very often. Over the two months a week or two would go by and one of us would reach out… it would never be more than 5 messages max back and forth.
    Last week, we finally were able to meet. It went well, he texted me the next day and we made plans to see eachother the next Wednesday. During this time, the only communication we had was the day before confirming the meet up. The date went well and we ended up sleeping together. No regrets there, at all.
    I texted him a day and half later saying I had a great time and want to see him again. He replied he thought the same thing and meant to text me the day before and we should meet up the following week.
    We have also spoken about how too much texting is annoying and would rather just call.
    I haven’t heard from him in a few days… but I guess in my mind if he was interested he would be texting me a bit more often…. am I just reading too much into nothing?

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    Sorry Ana… the dude hit it and quit it. If you had to text him a day and a half later and say you had a good time and want to see him again, and he’s responded with a vague, let’s get together next week sometime and is now silent… he’s not interested. I hope you mean it about “no regrets” that you slept with him on the first date. Because it’s unlikely you’ll see him again given the way he’s conducting himself now.

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    I agree with K in a way that you should take no regrets as a nice one night stand for now that maybe will never get a follow up. You dont really know this guy’s Intentions so therefore should not ask him or text him. The ball is in is court. But to me it doesnt say he is very interested so far from what you said

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    Also… If he comes back around in a few weeks or so with lame excuses about not being in touch I’d be very, very wary of him or I wouldn’t even respond. Because that kind of behavior means he’s out there playing the field or someone else caught his eye and he dated her for a while and it didn’t work out and he’s only back because you’re the back-up plan.

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    Sigh… at least I do not regret sleeping with him.
    It was the second date. I guess no third for me likely

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    T from NY

    I hate saying this because I know too well how it feels but –
    He’s not interested in pursuing anything with you.

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    it was just a casual fling with you. nothing more nothing less. he may get in touch later when he wants to have casual NSA sex. if your fine with that you can meet him. but then again it does appear that despite this just being casual & NSA, hes calling all the shots. I wouldn’t bother again with this guy.

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