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    To start this off, me (20F) and my boyfriend (19m) have been together for a couple months. We have some problems but have had no issue resolving them but I don’t know about this one. Almost a week ago my boyfriend and I had a rather rough bedroom session, which usually requires aftercare and cuddles. Well, this time he chose to cuddle with his stuffed animals. I made a joke about being offended that he chose them over me so try and convey that it hurt but he was immediately defensive about it. He asked if I was being serious and I said yes, and he said “yeah i’m not doing this” and rolled over and tried to go to bed. I was hurt by his sudden rudeness and started to cry (not my proudest moment but I was stunned) and he asked if I was crying so I said yes because I was ready to talk this through. He instead said nothing and went to bed.

    The next morning I was getting ready to leave for work and gave him a quick goodbye but made sure to say that I love him and that I hope he sleeps well because his work wasn’t for several more hours. He asked if something was wrong and I broke down and explained how I was hurt because I have feelings while his stuffed animals don’t and he still chose them over me. I then went to work and didn’t hear anything about it. When I came back from work he didn’t say sorry or mention it. I let it go for the time being because I wanted to collect my thoughts before mentioning it again.

    Well today we got into an argument about it. I brought it up finally because I needed to talk about it and he said he didn’t realize it was a big deal, and it sounded like he didn’t care. He thinks my issues are with the stuffed animals and claimed they have feelinsh too and I need to learn that he isn’t going to ever choose between us and i have to live with being shared with them. I tried explaining that my problem isn’t with the stuffed animals, it’s with the fact that he saw I was upset and chose to ignore my feelings, especially when cuddles and aftercare are important after sex. Am I overreacting?

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    Sorry @Anna, Your Boyfriend is a Boy & an idiot…

    His stuffed animals have feelings too?

    Are you two living together?

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    Think its a fake post!!!!

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    Yep @Tammy, the OP is awol…

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