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“How Seductive Are You?” Quiz

There is a lot of information out these about how to properly “seduce” a guy and most of it brings a huge risk of embarrassment for you because it’s just plain wrong. Seduction is similar to most things in life. When you try too hard, you look awkward and desperate and it creates a vibe that’s anything but sexy. When you understand what it actually takes to seduce a man and incorporate this knowledge into your normal way of being, you naturally and effortlessly seduce people through your mindset alone. When you combine this with the right moves, then you’ll become an unstoppable force.

Properly seducing a man starts with first understanding yourself and knowing what your most seductive traits are. Then it’s about bringing out those qualities even further. We’ve made it even easier for you by creating this quiz which will help you discover how seductive you truly are. You might find that you are way better at seducing than you thought. Or maybe you discover that there is room for improvement. Either way, this quiz is a valuable tool to help you tap into your powers of seduction.

Take the quiz now and discover how seductive you are!

Note: In order to receive your quiz results, we collect your email at the end of the quiz. Just wanted to give you a heads up so you know what to expect. :)

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kiara brown

I have never flirted before but I am willing to give it a try with some of my crushes

Reply November 30, 2021, 3:15 pm


I like all this just helping me discover new knowledge

Reply January 2, 2020, 10:35 am


This is very interesting stuff. Not just some advice, real life at it’s best when getting to know how men think. Women tend to think most men don’t have feelings. But from my own experience in getting involved with a real good man, was just learning what he loves to do and the fact that we both share interests and when we’re both excited to do something, we do it, then we talk about how great it was. It’s real and it’s so important to bond with a man and never pretend you like something just to impress him. A relationship is not going to work if you put in fake effirts. And you will know if he likes you when his eyes light up when you talk about something you can both enjoy together. It’s actually beautiful and so rewarding, also gratifying. Sex, love, and rock n roll. Go with the flow and just enjoy the ride. Because it won’t matter where you both go, you’ll always have fun, even when the event sucked. You’ll see that your time together was awesome. That when you know you found the right person. That’d how to truly be happy. Let the river flow. Thanks for your inspiring literature. I’ve really enjoyed reading it. It has made me realize I hold the key and have unlocked my full potential. Not just me winning, but he has won me over.

Reply April 29, 2018, 10:07 am

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