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    I was seeing a guy , i guess sort of fwb
    He ended things about a month ago after i loned him some money,
    He told me to find someone because he needs to focus on himself and he begged to stay friends
    He would text me everyday to the point i was struggling to get over him he was asking if i missed him and if i had found anyone yet etc etc , so i ingored him for a week he still text me everyday and then gave in and answered him , his texts are giving me mixed messages , so i sent him a very polite text asking him to not message me anymore i need time to get over him , he then rang me sounding confused but wouldn’t say he didn’t like me he just said hes stuck in his ways and i will find someone
    His ways are fine hes a gr8 guy i really feel he has feelings for me hes trying to ingore,
    Should i hold onto hope he might make his mind up after some time ? What do i do if he doesn’t leave me alone ?

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    He’s full of Bull!
    How much money did you give him?!

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    It was only $200 and after he ended it saying he wanted to focus on himself, he begged to be friends and i said im sorry dont worry about the money keep it , i can’t be friends i need time to get over you , but then he kept messaging and i felt bad and agreed to be friends even tho it hurt

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    Block him…

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    Good for you for not being petty over 200.but I would get that back and go to sephora.

    He sounds immature gf. He likes to play games. Like the ego booster, When he breaks up w.you to then ask if you miss him. Or the Mr.Dramatic, I can’t be with you bc I’m working on myself. When he is still doing the same s*** before.

    Don’t we all need a hunky successful sexy man. These boys get on my nerves.

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    You didn’t see a FWB asking for $200 a HUGE red flag? Don’t ever give a man money. Not even your boyfriend. Block him.

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    No i didn’t see it been a red flag , with covid and everything going on alot of people are really struggling and i figured he wouldn’t have asked if he wasn’t desperate,
    But yes i see were your coming from
    Its not easy for me to just block someone because there not perfect, i mean i have my faults as well
    I was kinda hoping if i asked him not to texte anymore he might actually miss me ?
    But i guess i was just been hopefull

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    He’s playing mind games with you.
    He broke up with you.
    Remember that.
    You’re right to ask him not to contact you so you can move on.
    If he persists – block him.
    It’s the only way to clear your head, move forward and meet a new, better guy.

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    There’s a block feature on your phone if you seriously don’t want that person or number calling you. He’s getting his ego stroked knowing your pining for him but he feels nothing towards you romantically. I don’t have romantic feelings for guys I don’t want to be with…just saying.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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