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    My ex broke up with me back in April. About a month and a half later he started to sporadically like some my pics on social media. Then in July he texted me an apology, I didn’t respond. At the end of August he texted me asking how my family and I were doing, I responded cordially but didn’t really engage much. A week later he texted me again saying he was sorry and asked to see me the next day. I responded telling him to call me, he never called. Since then he’s been liking almost every pic and post I put up on social media. We’re not friends, so I don’t see why he would be liking my stuff and he’s not the type of guy who just likes everything on his newsfeed. I actually used to joke around with him when we were together that he was stingy with his likes

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    I do remember your name and story about him asking and then not calling. I think its the same thing as it was then. His ego is a bit hurt and he is poking for some attention. He broke up with you, so if there was any true intention of him trying to get you back, he would be all in. He isnt. Its immature.
    Is this the guy that couldnt see anyone through the lockdown because he promised his ex and then faded away?

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    Yup that’s him

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    I haven’t given him any attention since we broke up, so I don’t know why he’s going to get it from me all of a sudden. I haven’t liked any of his posts, I’ve never reached out to him since the breakup. When he asked to see me and I responded with asking him to call me, he didn’t and I never reached out to him either.

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    Yeah youre so awesome guy. God i would just remove him from your contact lists. These sniffing guys make me mad bit i remember you are more levelheaded than i am lol

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    He didnt even have the balls to tell you, you were broken up. You had to guess from him disappearing

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    Yup, and I took it so hard. I’m in a much better place now but I do still miss him from time to time. I’ve been trying to date but haven’t found anyone worthwhile yet.

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    Please just ignore him. He just wants attention and if you give it to him, he’s just going to go ghost again. Don’t even bother this time.

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    Why is he able to view and like your posts? From what you’ve described you’re not on friendly terms, didn’t know each other beforehand and he’s treated you like crap ( not calling etc) Remove him from all social media, people that are not in your life don’t deserve lurking privilege’s. you would’ve been so much further along the road of getting over him if you weren’t wondering why he likes certain of your posts.

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    Not the real Lilly collision

    Bruised ego maybe? Pathetic and just wants attention. Guys like this just aren’t worth our time. I’d just block him, wouldn’t give him time of day.

    You’ve done well for not contacting him after the break up. Keep it that way, you seem strong so you’ll be alright girl

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    Don’t see why his ego would’ve bruised? He’s the one who broke up with me. But he does have a big ego. Ugh I know I shouldn’t care, but just can’t help it. I should unfriend him but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

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    I’m curious, why aren’t you able to unfriend?

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    Im happy to do it for you. He loser, you never had the balls to tell me you were done. I guess you felt fading without a word was the right strategy here when i thought we were on a road to try together. I guess you fading was the right strategy so its clear to me you are a coward. And even more pathetic liking some of my social media stuff. Like a fly that wont go away. So long, youre acces is denied

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    In my experience people who reach out like this after breaking up are really only trying to make themselves feel better by acting as if everything is okay, they did nothing wrong, and you’re not mad at them. If he wanted to rekindle anything with you, he would have called when you asked him to, but instead he ignored you.

    I know it’s hard to unfriend/block, but he doesn’t deserve to see what you post about your life on social media. He chose to break up in the worst way possible, but still wants to see what you’re up to? That’s a hard ‘no’. Remove him from all of your social media and contacts for your own benefit. You need to move on. This guy isn’t worthwhile either.

    You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, you’ll be more than fine!

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    why, you ask? because of this. this whole post is why. look at what he can do to you with the bare minimum effort. all he is doing is pressing like, which takes 0.0008 seconds, and moving on. you’re distressed. don’t give him this power.

    if he wants something, he knows how to tell you directly.

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    He’s lazy/bored…

    I’m still curious why you’re not able to unfriend.

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