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    It ended a month ago.
    I think he was a narcissist.
    He was cruel,had no emotion,told me he had no feelings.
    Twisted everything,played the victim,sent me texts about other women etc etc.
    Anyway I told him exactly what I thought of him.
    He sent a huge text blaming me,saying things that didn’t happen,playing the victim.
    Then said I was a narcissist.
    He blocked me on WhatsApp But left me on Facebook/Snapchat.
    I removed him a few day’s later.
    Question is why block me on WhatsApp and not on everything else?
    He is on them 24/7 and I didn’t want to see anything.

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    You should not care, so it does not matter. He was most likely angry in the moment because telling someone about themselves rarely creates a good outcome. So he got rid of you on the medium of the moment. Not relevant to your life or moving on.

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    My ex blocked me on Discord. I blocked him on Instagram. I was scrolling through Tik Tok. I looked up his Instagram name because I felt curious and I found it. He looked like he was fine and didn’t care that we broke up. We have been off and on for two years. I didn’t want to follow or like his vids because I didn’t want to seem desperate or stalking. I just didn’t want to do it do you blame me. So that is my story

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    For deon


    This is a classic trick. Everything he is doing is for attention. He specifically DIDNT block you on actual social media bc he wants you to keep watching his posts, he blocked you on WhatsApp to throw a tantrum and get your attention. IOW he wanted you to notice that he blocked you.

    Narcissists have both a narcissistic vortex, which they pull you into, with the constant gaslighting, manipulation, cruel treatment and then whatever bullshit they promise to do to keep you around. You, or whoever they pull into orbit then supply their narcissistic supply by getting upset, letting yourself be manipulated by them, giving him attention, letting him be your world.

    They are some of the truly most unconscionable people in the world, yet THEY themselves play the victim card (!!!!) because they know that nice, accommodating caring folks like yourself are easily manipulated into staying in the vortex and providing a nice narcissistic supply. They FREAK OUT if they think you’re going to leave- who will admire them and come running when they are upset, who can they brainwash and control if you go?

    Do NOT go back. Seek help from a counselor who understands narcissism, you WILL get through this. The hardest part is just getting the hell away from the person- the next hardest is un-brainwashing yourself from the lies and lifestyle they’ve lead you to believe is normal, except it was not because it was cruel and toxic. Healthy relationships are built on trust, boundaries, and an enormous respect for the other person as well as your self.

    You’re already doing great though because some part of you recognizes that this behavior is NOT OK.

    The problem is that you’re still so worried about what he thinks or what he wants or why HE did what he did… you have to let all of that go, or you’ll attract another one. I spent years trying to make mine happy (it was like being in a prison, now that I look back, walking on eggshells and trying to keep him calm) and when I finally got out, I told my therapist though tears, “but I just want to understand why he did what he did” She said “if you keep obsessing over this, and him, you’ll attract another one.”

    Those were the words that got me to my senses and ultimately saved my life- know the signs of what these predators look like, but then let it all go and live your life. Don’t obsess over what happened- learn to love yourself. I am breaking my tradition of honestly forgetting this part of my past just to reach out and hopefully be your survival guide as well as countless others reading this.

    You can do this!!!! I did, you can. Ask me anything if you need help, just reply here. Best of luck.


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    Whoa! We have no idea if this man is an actual narcissist as we are not therapists.

    And honestly if they were on and off, I question the posters assessment and participation in this. This was not done to her. She chose it and exacerbated it.

    It is not a manipulation to block someone, it is usually an emotional reaction. What a way overblown assessment.

    She yelled at him, he blocked her. Nothing more.

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