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    Ex and I broke up. He’s been no contact with me for 9 whole days. I miss him, but I am too stubborn to mail him and have my pride hurt. FYI I ended it with him because he let his workmates bad mouth me all over his Facebook & I felt disrespected & hurt. I thought time would bring an apology that was real and heartfelt rather than what he told me at the start: “I’m sorry, it was nothing,they was just winding me up” which to me felt like he was in a way, gaslighting? Making out something that really hurt me, to be nothing. Anyways I ended it and I did think he would contact me by now. Is it safe to assume he really doesn’t care and really isn’t sorry?

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    Your story seems to have some missing pieces. Did they have a reason to bad mouth you? Did your ex not delete their comments? And what does he mean by they were trying to get him riled up? Do they have a history of harassing him about his girlfriends on FB? I don’t see his comment as gaslighing. I would have also thought he would have contacted you before 9 days if he really felt like you were hurt by the situation. But since you aren’t giving many details it’s hard to know if you overreacted to some silly comments or not. For example, let’s say every 3 to 4 months he’s “in a relationship” with some new girl. (I have friends on FB who are!) And his friends are saying things like “is this your latest victim?” “what happened to the last girl you were so in love with?” “is this one going to last more than 3 months?” or any variety of rude things guys say to each other.

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    Hi Sarah, one of the posters above pointed out that your story seems to be missing some pieces; the community might appreciate if you mentioned whether you posted some of the missing details in this thread that you posted five minutes after this one.

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