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    A guy I was dating a bit was going through some personal emotional struggles. One day he sends me a text that says

    I have been thinking a lot. I need some time on my own. I am sorry because I think you are really cool and I would like to get to know you more but I don’t think I can be in any kind of relationship right now. I was unsure rather to write to you are talk about it in person but I don’t want to waste your time.

    I replied something like
    I appreciate your honesty. It sounds like you should spend some time on your own. I really hope you will be happy again soon. I hope we maybe can meet when you are more ready.
    The time we spend together has been lovely.

    And he replied.
    I feel the same way. This is not fair to you when I feel like I do. I also hope we can meet again because I also think it has been lovely.

    I really liked this guy and felt this was something special.
    Does this sound like a easy dump or genuine.
    Do you think he will came back?

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    Not one person on this forum can answer that for you. That said, you handled it like a champ. And that is all you can do and control. If there is a chance he will come back, you left the door open by being awesome!

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    Oh and assume he is gone so you move on

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    It means he’s a decent guy & move on…

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    I wait for no one. Just live your life and put this in the past. Love you and put your best out there.

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    Did you and him sleep together at any point?

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    We slept together once

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    What are you angling with about asking about sex? This ended for whatever reason we will never know. He may have been truthful, he may not. We already said that he should not wait, we have no idea if he will be back and to assume he will not. She did nothing wrong here, even if she slept with him. It does not change that this is over. She should move on. And she was gracious. Which is all you can do.

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    Yesterday he liked my new profile picture om Facebook. This is the first “interaction” we have had since the “breakup”….
    Do you think this means anything or is he just showing a gesture og friendliness?

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    Liz Lemon

    This is why I think people need to defriend/unattach themselves from exes on social media, at least immediately following a breakup. There are so many posts on this site from women wondering if it means anything that their ex, who they are no longer speaking to, liked something of theirs on FB or viewed their Snapchat story or whatever. It screws with people’s heads. Who knows what it meant? Maybe he’s just nosy. Maybe he liked the picture and wants to be friendly but doesn’t want to get back together. Unless he is calling you up and saying he wants you back, I wouldn’t read anything into it.

    And really, I know a lot of people don’t agree, but I think it’s healthier to delete exes from social media immediately after a breakup. It gives you space and time to heal and you aren’t tempted to creep over to their profile and obsess over it. And you don’t get thrown off balance by any tiny little gesture the ex makes (like giving a “like” to something). Once you are truly over the person, if you want to stay in touch as friends that’s one thing. But immediately after a breakup, it serves no purpose to stay friends with an ex and in fact it’s healthier to delete them and give yourself some space to heal.

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    Sounds like he was interested in sex only and is now doing a fade.

    Your response should have been “Oh, ok.” Basically, you’ve told him if he can’t get anywhere with other women, to give you a call.

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    I think you were fine until you said the two of you should “meet up again” if he’s feeling better (whatever that means).

    In the future do not mention that to a man who just told you he can’t continue with you. A man KNOWS how to get a hold of you IF they truly want to see you again! I had TWO out of many relationships (mostly short-term) that developed into long-term relationships, the first I married (lasted over 20 years) and the second I’ve been in a three year relationship with.

    In a nutshell, best to accept its over forever, and move on, as the two I mentioned stepped up in a very big way where THEY did all the work ; whereas I sat back and watched to see if they were ALL IN or not. Just know the odds are super small they will return for the right reason (still in or fallen in love), and not just because they haven’t found someone and are bored or lazy to keep looking, so they use you to fill a void as guy’s get lonely too which is why you need to keep your head and wits about you when they *reappear*.

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    It means he thought the photo was nice.

    It’s not a signal that he wants to get back together with you.

    It’s not even necessarily a “friendly gesture.”

    It means he thought the photo was nice.

    For your own mental health, let it go.

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