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    I went on a date with this guy from work and it seemed to go well. The next day we were talking and he said to me to ‘ not rush something that may come about and we need to see how things pan out’. Anyway I was worried about this and I questioned him on it and couldn’t get a straight answer so we ended up leaving things .

    What did he mean by this ? I feel really bad as I had high expectations.

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    Sounds like you wanted too much too soon…

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    I feel like there’s a chunk of story missing. Something must have made him bring up not rushing—what was it?

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    He’s thinking and wants to see how things go

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    He isn’t investing much or locking you down because he doesn’t see you as a long term thing.

    Guys lock down what they want. Anything less? Is a mans way of saying, I’m not that keen…so let’s see where it goes

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    First of all I would say NEVER date a guy you work with!! Like NEVER EVER! Because if it doesn’t go well you still have to see them and then there’s office gossip and he could be telling other guys at work about your sex life etc. It rarely turns out well and just isn’t worth it.

    I’m with Franny, I feel like you may have said something to make him say he doesn’t want to rush things and wants to see how it will pan out. Were you asking about a second date? Because if you were his comment would make sense. By itself it sounds like he’s blowing you off. Maybe he didn’t have as much fun on the date as you did.

    As you said, your issue was you had high expectations. You just can’t have high expectations when you are dating because you will get let down 99% of the time. It’s something you need to work on. You are not going to be compatible with every guy you date and every guy is not going to be a good fit.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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