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    Kay T

    Last weekend I drank to much and did something in not proud of and embarrassed my guy. We fought and I left. I did apologize and left him alone until he reached out a few days later. He told me how he felt and asked me not to do it again. I promised it wouldn’t. Things still felt off. The next day he texted again still upset. I listened and agreed with how he felt.
    The next day I sent one last apology acknowledging how I made him feel and asking for forgiveness
    He responded and said “forget about it”

    What does that mean? Things still feel off, we’re not really talking. I feel like he needs more space.

    I just don’t know what to do. I miss him but don’t want to push him.

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    How often do you typically see each other?

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    well you can’t force it. you have apologized and that’s all you can do for the present. don’t push him and remember not all of us can just shrug it off and act normal the next day. he’s upset and it’s taking him time to get back to normal. give him space. it has happened to me once some years back. i had gone out with friends and got drunk. Drunk dialed my bf late night. I thought I was being cute and loving but the firing I got the next day! My bf had an important business meeting with investors the next day! Bec of my call late night, he had to wake up late night and couldn’t get back to sleep. Next day when he had to keep his wits around him, he was sleep deprived, not fully attentive and had a raging headache. he was mad at me and told me to grow up when he called me the next evening! I did. After that I never drunk dialed anyone and ensured I stayed within limits.

    Meanwhile, introspect and try to figure out your drinking patterns. how much makes you go over? and has it happened in the past?

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    Kay T

    We saw each other a lot and talked everyday. I have reflected and realized I didn’t really eat that day and I don’t usually go out and drink hard alcohol like that.
    It’s really hard and I regret it. I just want us back to normal but I’m working on staying busy and giving him space. The few times we have chatted he reached out still angry 8 could tell but nothing since he said forget about it. Which was Saturday

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    Try not repeating it. Give him time n space. He will cm around. Unless ofcrse the fight was v ugly!

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    Give him space, you already apologied mora than once and discussed what happened. In the meantime don’t beat yourself up about and learn from it. When he’s ready he’ll come to you.

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    Tammy, your guy sounds like an a## to say what he did. He should put his phone on silent.

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    If you’re not back to ‘par’ by tomorrow- you never will be.

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    Yeah he was not very nice @ mary. Made me feel like an irresponsible little girl. But at that time i did feel i shld curb my impulsiveness and rein in my emotion.

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    @ Tammy. I’m glad you realized reigning in the emotion was in your best interest. The more we do that as women, the more a guy will appreciate it, too.

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