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    Beach girl

    I was at a guys house after a bar with my sister. His work colleague and another local guy friend was also there. This was a guy I had recently met, but as the bar closed early we went to their house for a drink just. The guy and his work colleague were police, so guessed it was safe enough.

    Anyways, I liked this guy, but while we were all sitting at the kitchen table, the local guy started pestering me, rubbing my lower back and pants line. I kept hitting his hand away politely, but he kept at it. I said stop. Anyways local guy eventually went into sitting room to lay down. But as soon as he did he began texting me to come in. I had give him my number as taxis had finished and we were going to get the lift with him early as he was going to work.he said he’d text me if we fell asleep. Anyways he must of texted 10 times. The guy I liked was pretty drunk, as was I. He started telling me he had just spilt with a girlfriend, and at that I got up went into sitting room to ask local guy time he is leaving. Local guy started kissing me, forcefully, backing me onto sofa. It all happened pretty fast. The he was on top of me, and put his hand down my jeans and pants and touched me. I said don’t, but he didn’t stop. Just then the police guy I liked opened the door. And I got up and went to him. Local guy still hanged about so I kissed police guy and local guy left. Anyways, next night I seen police guy out he said about local guy was bothering you, but he just thought he was rubbing my back at table. I said something like I wish I coulda pushed him off to the other side of the room. Police guy didn’t seem too impressed when I said that. He had asked me on a date, but then during the week cancelled saying he had to work. That was a while ago kow and I never seen police guy since. I’d love to talk to him again but think I’ve totally blown it with him.
    I had friends police guy on Facebook after that first night but he didn’t accept.

    Was this local guy totally out of line or am I thinking too much of it? Is it unacceptable behaviour, or even sexual harrassment?

    I wish that I never went to their house, and maybe I would had a chance.

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    You were assaulted…
    The lot of them are awful!

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    there are good and bad people in each profession because we are human. I think this guy not into you so stop where you at

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    Definitely. Next time, in such a scenario, leave before you get raped, dear.

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    he had no right to forcibly kiss you! and next time, when a man is behaving so obnoxiously, you do not take lifts from such men! stay clear! you were lucky that this assault stopped but next time you may not be so lucky. and please just cut all these s**ty men out of your life. you have given enough hints that your interested. now please stop. if he is interested, he will get in touch.

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