Was I just a rebound and he wanted his ex back all along?

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    Hey everyone and thanks for reading.

    Hopefully this won’t be too long…
    Was seeing this guy for 7 months… gave me a ring … gave me $10,000 to pay off my car, panning a house to build with me , I put his truck and camper in my name, went on plenty of trips , but then we break up 2 months ago. I start to miss him so I reach out to him to talk to him. We go to a movie and then I tell him I want to take things slow … he responds with asking that if it’s okay if he sees other ppl. Of course I say no. So later he’s acting distant and very mean to me. I asked him if he want to pain my sons room…responds to me” why would I want to do that?” And then I respond by saying “ so we can spend more time with each other” he then says he’s too busy planning his trip to some place out of the country. He was complaining to me about how I am making the time about myself and not us. So he unfriendly me on fb and removes my photos on fb. So fast forward to last week.

    I send him a message asking him about possubly getting my bike from his house. He responds by, I think, pretending to be another woman texting his phone asking me “ who is this?” And also saying that she’ll pass along my messages and to never contact him again. I assumed it was him but the way the person was talking about a ring made me assume he was back with the ex wife. So I ask her in text telling her about our relationship and how much he’s done for me and that I had her wedding ring. I wanted to know if they were seeing each other again. He was always talking about her to me in our relationship. She said it wasn’t her texting me. But I don’t know.

    What do you all make of this whole thing?

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    None of this makes any sense…

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    I don’t think you were a rebound, but you were broken up for two months and he’s moved on. The best thing for you is to do the same.

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    Sorry… didn’t get a chance to fix my errors so I see why it’s difficult to understand. Yes I do plan on moving on. He has been very toxic to my life. In the first month we were talking together he was still married to his ex wife. He was always talking about that if his ex wife didn’t leave him he would still be married to her but later would dog her out.
    While we were in another state he and his older son paid his daughter to break my straw at a restaurant. I told her that I didn’t know she could be a b$&@!. It was awful. For him to text me pretending to be another woman makes me feel like he was trying to hold on to my bike and keep me around. Because why not just tell me I’m his own voice to come and get his bike?

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    i think you need to just move on and not get caught in all this drama. its obvious he doesnt want to interact with you anymore. you should write off that bike if its not too much of a loss or ask a gud friend to have it collected for you.

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    I wish I could write off the bike, it’s the bike my ex ( now current) boyfriend gave me and I need it back .

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    if you have already moved on by making your ex your current, why are you getting into endless drama? ask a gud friend to collect it for you. or wait for a bit and then send a short text to your ex, asking him when to send over your friend to collect the bike.

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