The guy I hate kissed me. I’m so confused.

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    Or thought I hated, but now I’m not too sure. I’m posting on this because I really need some actual opinions, instead of my best friends who basically screamed like fan girls when I told them. I’m 17 and pretty unexperienced in dating, but I’ve hooked up with a few guys before. Just no serious relationships. So I met this guy at the start of my senior year which was like early September. I was on my way to lunch when I saw him giving crap to one of my friends so I went up to them, snapped at him and gave him the middle finger then took my friend away. I thought that was the only time I’d ever see him because we go to a big ass high school but now he’s in one of my classes, just my luck. Anyway, for pretty much the whole month of September up until last week, I’ve had to deal with his constant jokes and picking at me all the damn time. I can’t even list all the things he’s done to me or else we’d be here all day, but any rude remark or prank you can think of, he’s probably done it. I just kept on trying not to let it get to me so whenever he would do that, I’d give him a cheeky smile or stick my tongue out and flip him off. This seemed to work and I thought he finally took the damn hint to leave me alone, until this Friday when we were walking down the hallway together (don’t even ask why, bc i couldn’t even tell you). He seemed in a good mood and I thought we were finally getting along, so I casually asked about one of his friends who I sort of have a crush on. He basically looked at me and said that I’m not his friend’s type so don’t bother. I don’t know why but out of all the things he’s said to me, that hurt ALOT. That’s when

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    I just lost my cool and basically told him to screw off because at least his friend kinda likes me, unlike him. I tried to move past him but he kept stopping me and then BAM he kissed me. Yes I did try to resist at first but his hands were pretty much restraining my waist so I just let him kiss me because I was also in complete shock. When he pulled away he said “he kinda likes you? Well I DO like you.” It was so freaking awkward and I ended up running away like a coward. Now I’m so nervous to see him at school this week.

    This was so out of nowhere and I’m extremely confused because up until now, I was convinced that he hated my guts even though I never did anything to him. Except maybe flip him off when we first met. I hate to admit that I didn’t feel pure disgust when we kissed, but I really don’t get what’s happening between us.

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    Sounds like he finally told you exactly what’s going on! High school guys aren’t the most mature or experienced, so he was doing the schoolyard equivalent of pulling your pigtails and teasing you, to get your attention because he liked you. It’s not a good tactic, since it made you think the opposite, but it’s an old stereotype about boys for a reason.

    If you think you might be interested in learning more about him, tell him he took you by surprise, but if he’ll cut out the teasing and pranks, you would like to hang out and have a real conversation to get to know each other better. Then go from there, see if you do like talking him when he’s not trying to annoy you. Then if you do, see if he asks you on a real date.

    It’s also okay if his teasing turned you off and you’re not interested in him at all, because he hasn’t shown you yet that he’d treat you nicely. He sounds like he has no idea what he’s doing rather than actually a being mean-spirited person, so it’s up to you to decide what you want. And whatever you decide is okay!

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