Should I reach out to him when he said there wasn’t chemistry? Hear me out.

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    I briefly dated a man for two months, about four months ago. He then told me he wasn’t feeling chemistry, and that was it.

    I thought of him recently and felt kinda bummed. I had been going through something that made me really stressed/nervous, and was especially nervous the last time I saw him. I pulled way back with my physicality, and I get why he ended it. I hadn’t told him what I was going though because I felt it was too early on.

    I’m wondering if it would be too weird to send a text briefly explaining, and see if he’d be open to catching up? I don’t really care about the outcome, but I have a weird feeling I should try.

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    I would not recommend reaching out unless you will not care what the outcome is. If he was interested, he would have reached out to you.

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    Men chase what they want. Leave him be and find another love.

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    Its a hard to tell not knowing the details of you pulling back. Plus he said lack of chemistry but you cant be sure thats because of you pulling away. He may not have felt it all along and you pulling away because of that. I think this is just a case if not meant to be, but i dont feel there is any harm in telling him what went on with you but remember it was his choice to break it off back then

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    If you are absolutely sincere about not caring what the outcome might be then reach out. What do you have to lose here really. If you think it will upset you if he doesn’t reply then don’t. Just take a chance

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    Personally i wouldn’t… its a bit pushy and he said he wasn’t into you… but if you really don’t care about the outcome and you don’t care about looking a bit desperate then there is no harm i guess. Although i wouldn’t go in with a big “hey i was going through blah blah blah when we met etc” that’s a bit heavy. Especially if he just wasn’t feeling it with you and it was nothing to do with your behaviour at all.

    If you contact him do so in a light and friendly way… maybe a connection to a joke you shared, band/t.v. show you both liked to test the water a bit x

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    I wouldn’t reach out. Four months is a long time ago.

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    I would put my energy in a doffetent direction. It wasn’t meant to be.

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