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    Just need some advice …
    I matched with a guy on Bumble and we chatted back and forth and he suggested we meet up because it’s hard to get to know someone via text . I agreed. Then he suggested the next night and I said I have a dinner but can maybe meet afternoon if it ends early enough. The next day came and he texted me early evening saying can we move it to the weekend or next week. He said “I’m pretty much free all weekend”. I said sure how about Saturday afternoon – he says oh I have a Xmas party … how about Sunday . I said sure . He said ok how about 6pm and I said ok that works. He says I’ve scheduled it in. Today (Sunday ) he says hi I’m still free but 8pm works better if you’re free.

    I’m slightly annoyed , given that he initially made it seem he was free. I know I haven’t met the guy and obviously I have nothing invested. Should I even meet with him ? I just feel he keeps moving things around is a bad sign (maybe not a red flag but pink) and doesn’t really show a lot of respect.
    What do you think?

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    *just to clarify when I initially said we can meet after dinner , not afternoon (typo)

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    You don’t have to be free…
    You’re not at his beckon call-

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    That is a little late. What type of place are you meeting? How far do you have to drive to get there. But no, it doesn’t sound safe.

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    OP here ..In terms of safety I’m not worried . I live in a safe North American city . I would drive about 8 minutes to a busy bar.
    I’m just not happy with how he keeps changing things . And My inclination is to tell him I can’t meet but I tend to have too much pride sometimes and I wanted to check to see if I’m being unreasonable …

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    At this time of the year I’d give him the benefit of the doubt – there’s Christmas shopping and relative stuff to schedule.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies .
    I thought about it and realized 8pm is actually quite inconvenient for me so I suggested we reschedule Nd he seemed quite happy about that

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    I had a guy like that … the first date went the same way.. he was free all weekend but wanted to see me the only time I had dinner plans …then when we went to make plans he was suddenly all tied up for most of the weekend … the second date was a bit like the first with a ridiculous amount of juggling and trying to find a venue .. it was exhausting and a waste of time …

    He sounds like he is trying to juggle too many women or a time waster perhaps …

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    hes trying to date multiple woman and set up different dates. iv done the same thing with men…. it is actually very exhausting lol. your choice if you want to date him. its possible its all just first dates and he wants to meet everyone in at once then decide who he wants to narrow it down to. thats what i do.

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    In case anyone wanted an update ….
    When I offered to reschedule he said that would be best and he didn’t offer an alternative (yikes!) and simply said “I’m free after Tuesday! He had said the same thing the first time he tried to reschedule (I’m free on the weekend!).
    … then crickets … finally I just unmatched him because I really just wasn’t interested anymore. I did like his pictures and chatting with him he stood out to me but all that came crashing down once I saw he has no respect for my time . Ah well .

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    Well on to the next one.
    I think you were flexible enough but, he kept making last minute changes.

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    I wouldn’t even say juggling multiple women. I’d say low level of interest.

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