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    Hello everyone

    I met a guy 2 months ago. Everything went so quick (it never happened to me), we really love each other, we travelled many times together and he already told me he Loves me. He treats me as a gentleman. The guy lives in Italy and he lives in a flat with a girl (blond, big boobs, superficial). She’s his friend since 8 years.

    However, one day I was in his place, and his roommate arrived in the living room while we were watching a movie and she was wearing a bra only (with her big ass)…

    My bf told me that he is used to see her like that and he as well, sometimes wear only a an underpant.
    I told him it was not normal but he swear that there is nothing between them. He told me she’s a friend he know since 8 years.

    Few days ago, she sent him a text and on the conversation I saw that she sent him many hearts and kisses. As I don’t understand their languages, he said that she sent him that to thank him to buy cigarets.. but I noticed that she often sends him that…

    One day I was in his place and he told me to leave because she will be back. I can feel that as soon that she arrives, he wants me to leave (but if I insist he says ok).

    This situation makes me feel really uncomfortable. He will be back in Italy in 1 month and won’t be in a flatshare with her.

    I’m thinking of breaking up with him because of that + because he is too liberated sexually and I think he will cheat on me one day… am I doing a mistake ?

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    If I were you, I would break up with him. It’s too strange and I feel there’s something fishy going on….

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    Haven’t you posted about this before??

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    I would end it. It sounds unhealthy. 😕

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    If it doesn’t sit right with you, trust your gut.

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    Yeah, you posted about this before?

    He’s a lot older than his ‘roommate’

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    Really ? Why would you stop this ?

    We had a talk about it and he seemed really sincere. He told me that she was just his friend. We talked for hours and he seemed to say the truth

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    No I ever posted about this before
    He told me that she is too old for him and he is absolutely not attracted to her

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    no one can advice you what to do on the limited information shared. you have to do what your instincts tell you.

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    The Realtor…

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    I like what rose & trixie said. You obviously don’t like this. It’s not about what we or others think, it’s what you are ok with. I don’t think you like the female roommate situation at all, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it also means you should cut him loose since clearly if you stayed you’d be settling and already suppressing yourself.


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    Looks like a troll to me

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