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    Hi there, so I was wondering if there is a chance of still getting an ex back if we broke up in January/ roughly 8 months ago and using NC now. Sadly we had been in contact on and off up until now and some times our conversations would be great and then other times I would get too emotional and we would start arguing. I believe that I was still getting emotional because I never had an actual NC period in the 8 months after to actually fully heal over the breakup cause we kept in contact.

    I know NC’s main purpose is for myself but I’m wondering if the chances are non-existent with my ex because we had been in contact after the breakup until now.

    Thank you!

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    A couple getting back together can be because of many reasons but i doubt a random period of no contact has anything to do with it. Lets see the relationship was short >4 months, the changes of no contact making the guy run back to you are close to zero. This has to do with the fact the guy most likely called it off after seeing no real future. If the relationship was longer it really depends on the reasons why the break up occured. So i think doing a random no contact for a month wont give you much clarity. If you want the guy back youre better off asking if he want to consider a retry. At least that gives you a real answer of where his head is at

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    You’ve given him 8 months & he’s still not stepped back in…

    He needs to miss you, but no contact is for You- not him.

    Why did you two break up?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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