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    I’d love others perspective. I have been with my bf for over 5 years, we definitely take it moment by moment as I’ve finished part of a cancer treatment but have a bit to go. Even before cancer, he has this group of much younger women he hangs around with and one of them he helps with her business. It’s kind of been a problem all along- never been resolved and so it continues to come up now and again. He doesn’t blend me into this life and I don’t really blend him too much into parts of my life. Right now that’s working for us. He’s 64 and out of a bad divorce- 9 years ago and I’m not looking to get married again at age 51. The question, over the last 3-4 months he keeps bringing up this young woman in her business and how this woman is questioning my bf as a venting as to why this other older man who also works for her does such a bad job. He then comes to me to complain about this other guy and how she should get rid of him. I personally don’t care what she decides to do as I’m sure she’s perfectly capable of doing the right thing. It seems to me she wants these older men at her beck and call to help her. She’s divorced from a man that helped her with her company. I’d like to know how to respond to this when my bf brings up these things?

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    I would say to him what you wrote, that “I am sure she’s perfectly able to make the right decision about how to handle the other man” and drop the subject.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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