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    At first he asked to meet less often, saying he has a lot to do with work and passion and he needs time for himself after all. I gave him space, tried to back down. But the more I back down, the more he gets distant. He reached out via text everyday to check on me, but no real convo. After a week, he told me he saw I swiped left and right through the mirror when I was at his place. He went back and forth between believing me and not believing during our texts. Now he ghosted me despite me reached out twice. This has been a couple days. What should I do. If his mind is set, and he thinks I’m a cheater and do not want me, to why didn’t he tell me when I keep telling him it’s ok to end things.
    P/s: I did not use dating app at his place. There are many dating app ads pop up all over my social media, only because I have googled a lot of dating advice. Also, my IG and snapchat always have random men profile randomly pops up, but I didn’t follow them or have any kind of interaction/interest.

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    It sounds like he’s looking for any excuse to break up. I’ve done this, by using something they said or did to break up because I simply lost all feelings, and no longer wanted to continue. Because they didn’t really do anything wrong, I felt the need to come up with an ‘excuse’ to not talk or see them again. I was young, and it worked, without having to have the dreaded talk such as “you’re a nice guy BUT…” I wish I had been upfront and more honest with guys back then but it worked so I used what worked to make the break up easier for me.

    I would just accept he doesn’t want to continue with you, work through the sting, and when ready, start dating other guys again.

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    My boyfriend of 5 years did the same thing for the last 18 months of our relationship. It sounds similar – it can start off as trying to find fault so they can find an exit or make you retaliate so they feel less bad ending it, or treat you so bad you end it first… just be very careful here and avoid getting into to much of a back and forth as if you’ve genuinely done nothing wrong this could be the start of gaslighting or end up as emotional abuse like I suffered… not saying it is that – but making up stories that aren’t true by one partner to another, couple with his evasion and silence – screams red flags to me! You’re worth much more!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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