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    So friday, I’m helping my mom who is not American and hard to understand. The cable guy came for the second time and she discuss how handy he is, and how pretty I am. He agreed. I was caught off bc I been cleaning all day. He said he would be prolly stop by our yard sale a week later, like told me 3 ir 4 times. I played it cool. Then I texted Sunday at noon and said thanks for the extra cable work he did for free. And things work perfect. The next day early a.m. he said great. 2hrs later, he ask if remotes were good, I waited 2hrs, said yes, and did the whole, you can keep my number. Short, simple, then he said that was a work phone, but that he still planned going to yard sale so he’ll prolly see me again. I said we will be here but did the xoxo. My attempt at flirting. He then said, thanks again,if needed call. Smiley face. End. My question. Why not give me his number? Is he interested? Was I too flirty? Is he interested or being professional?

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    u were definitely being flirty! and i think he must know that your interested. if i was in your place, I would let him make the next few moves! too much chasing and too many first movies by you will simply give the message that your desperate! you dont want that. so let him get in touch with you now.

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    Liz Lemon

    I don’t know if he’s interested but you were definitely flirty. Now you need to sit back & do absolutely nothing. He has your number, if he’s interested he’ll text you on his personal phone. Or he’ll stop by the yard sale. The ball is 100% in his court now. Tammy is right, you’ll look desperate & if you keep contacting him. Let him chase you now.

    Keep in mind you have no idea if he’s married or has a girlfriend. Just wait and see what happens. He knows how to reach you & you made it clear you are interested. So if he doesn’t get in touch, he’s not interested.

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    I’m definitely not gonna contact him. I’m just not sure if he was interested. My self control is pretty good bc I know what it’s like to deal w.a clingy person and we are not invested in each other at all. After this, my flirting days are done. I just wasn’t sure If he was being nice or was interested. I guess time will tell.

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    Liz Lemon

    Yes, time will tell! You just have to wait. See if he shows up at the yard sale Friday, or if he texts you. If he doesn’t show up, and you don’t hear from him (a text) by this weekend, I’d say he’s not interested.

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    Or he shows up with his wife or GF…

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    Right, I would of thought that but he said before work. I thought maybe he was hitting on me too. Maybe not.

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    Liz Lemon

    I actually think it was okay that you flirted in this case. A guy in his position (at work) can’t flirt with clients, obviously. So even if he’s attracted to you, it’s difficult for him to take the initiative when his job is potentially on the line.

    You have given him every opportunity to approach you now– you gave him your number, made it clear you were interested, and told him about the yard sale, which is an opportunity for him to stop by and chat. Hopefully not with his girlfriend or wife, LOL. Now you just have to wait & see how it plays out. Keep us posted 🙂

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    Thxs gf. I actually never hit on guys.which is why it made me feel oddly insecure. I read this site to give advice for my friends and recommend it, but guess it’s my turn to wonder what the hell just happened. Like did I just put myself out there and get rejected. All i can do now is make sure I look on point. If he does come then yay! If not, then I need to reflect on my self esteem and see why do I care. Who knows, maybe I’ll work out more, rejection isn’t fun but he could have a gf, issues, live w.parents, a bum. So I gotta let it go and not make it about the end, I don’t know anything about him other than he is a tall hunk of fineness.

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    i dont think u shld feel bad or rejected. its ok. just that you have already played out your cards. anything more from now on will look too much. so just chill and enjoy. if he is interested he will reconnect. if not than thats also fine.

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    Sooo texted me thursday,wish me well from the storms, (weather been awful ), I responded that I was great,hope he was too. Today, he textes he was, and just wanted to check In, I said that our yard sale got push back to next week bc of bad weather, he said he figured and prolly try to come then. I said great we have a lot of things, and he did some encouragement texts like I’ll be great and it will be successful.yada, yada yada, I texted, Thanks have a great day and weekend, he said you too with emojji….

    And, I’m definitely thinking homie has a gf or wife? I know I’m playing it cool but all this is done on the “work” phone and I find that odd.

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    The Beauty of a flirt is, it’s a flirt…

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