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    Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

    Here is my story:
    We know each other for over 30 years. Puppy love and all that. Huge crush on both sides and then life took as in different directions.
    Fast forward and 5 years ago we meet again. We are grownup now (mid 50) with baggage and everything else.
    We have been seeing each other for few years. We didn’t date or being FWB. Something between if such scenario exist.
    Last two years he become distant and we went from weekly chats/talks and seeing each other when possible (usually few times a month) to catch up over the phone every few months.
    All started when his mom passed away and since then he developed anxiety and stress. Ended few times in ER due panic attack. Add to this: stress of running business and being responsible for 10 employee.
    I told him few times that I’m here if he needs me but also asked him why I’m rarely hearing from him and he said that reason is all that health issues and stress that he is dealing with.
    He calls occasionally to hear how I’m doing and I ask him how he is doing but those are short 10-15 min phone conversations.
    I stopped contacting him because I don’t know if he need space so I’m giving him space or he is no longer interested in me in which case there is no point for any contact.
    I don’t want to be selfish and bother him but I think I need to figure out which direction to take and what to do.
    Did he lost interest and very slowly (and painfully) ghosting me away or he is really up to his eyeballs and can’t deal with everything at once?
    Any suggestion and advice are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you and stay safe.

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