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    I met a guy online March 10. We met up and have drinks and chatted for almost 4 hrs. He asked if he could see me again, I said sure then he asked if I could visit him at the hotel he was staying. I tolf him no way. That was the first red flag. However, he quickly responded where would you like to meet me and what do you want us to do. So, I said to myself maybe he is not so bad.The next day he texted me, we pretty much texted throughout the day. He actively communicated with me for the days he was in town and we met up a few times for movie and walk in the park.
    The day came for him to go back to his state we sat in his vehicle a chatted for hours before he went on his journey. He communicated with me throughout his jouney back home however, when he got home communication got less I thought how well I didn’t sleep with him so its really no big deal. The following day he texted me with a few excuses that i bought. I noticed that he text and calls me when he is at work but when he get home. I don’t hear from him.I asked him if he is living with a woman he said no. He would text me the basic text then don’t respond to me for hours. I spoke to him about it but still no change. What do you think about this situation?

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    Ask yourself why a guy goes on dates when he is out of his state? You know why. Just because a guy says he has no gf doesnt mean its true. But even if he is single, this is going nowhere. You have no chance to get to know each other

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    i met a guy on a dating app and we’ve been sending emails and messages from almost a year. there are times i rarely answer his messages because im busy at my work. i know we have something really going on between us. i well remember that he plan to come and visit me in my country, since he is base in Europe and im in South East Asia. but then this pandemic covid19 hit us. he cannot come and then all of the sudden he left the dating site where we met.but infairness to him he send me a email telling that he is leaving the site because he cannot leave his work and i need to find someone else who can date me in real life. what should i do, im already fallen in love with him. im still expecting him to return and come back to me after this pandemic end.i know he is good guy,but what should i do?

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    @TRUDY – First I am so proud of you that you haven’t slept with him as knowing the “REDFLAGS” i think this guy trying to get in your pants when his on holiday and now he is his home town he lessen communication which means end game! Have you tried to ask him why he is being distant? WHAT YOUR GUTS TELLING YOU? … try to implement NO CONTACT RULE FOR 30days to see if he reach out then if he did ask him tell him that you are interested with a guy someone who can be with you and consistent. We don’t know maybe he is married .. or in relationship JUST observe and listen to your GUTS. hope this helps.

    @ROSE – i think this guy is already told you the his reason and you have to believe him, not because of covid19 is the reason its because he is not ready for you END OF STORY.

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    ANM Staff

    Hi Rose – Thanks for sharing your question with the community!

    Rose, your question is showing up as a reply to someone else’s topic thread. It would be best if you could start your own fresh thread – you’ll get more participation from the community there. You can start your own fresh thread using the form on the main forum page, which is here. Just swipe to the bottom of that page – you’ll see the form there.

    Thanks, best wishes to you!

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