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    I have been with this guy for a few months now. He has pursued me for over a year and I finally give him a chance. I stopped talking to him because, I found out that he was messaging other women behind my back on Instagram. He lied and lied about it numerous of times and made it seem like I was making it up. Weeks after he finally decided to come clean and was sorry about it. He claims it was for entertainment only. However, I know that if the shoe was o the other foot he would not like me doing it and using that excuse. So fast forward I gave him another chance. Smh.
    Now things are just feeling like I’m not even in a relationship at all. We hang out every other weekend when he is not with his 1 year old child. So the time is limited. When we hang out it cool. I’ve told him on many occasions I felt like I was in a “pen pal” type of relationship because all he does if text me and that it. If I don’t pick up the phone and call we won’t be able to have an actual conversation. The last time I brought this up he called and it lasted for like 2-3 days and it stopped again. I can not continue to repeat myself to a grown man over and over again. Not it’s like I’m numb to it. I’ll just text him all the time if that is what he wants. But then in the same breath he says he misses me and blah blah blah. I even tried to spend time with him only for him to rush me off the phone since he was in some bar and not even contact me again until hours and hours later with a text. I can’t even get a 5 minute phone conversation to say the least. When I was with my girls for a day out I excused myself and call him just so I could tell him he was on my mind and I missed him. It only took a few minutes away from my friends. I can’t get the same treatment. This man pursued me hard for a long time and now that I’m here after this second chance he does crap like this. I am indeed big on communication so I told him how I felt and all he says it the same ole “I’ll do better” I’m so tired of trying. I just need advice on what else to do.

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    Last text I got was him saying “I’ll do better. I hate when I upset you” after 6 hours from rushing me off the phone while in some bar or where ever he was I just replied “goodnight” because I was just that over it. He knows this small thing I ask of him and he can’t even do and be consistent on that.

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    Please read your post as if your friend was the person who wrote it.

    Stop complaining about a man who shows you over and over that you are not a priority. He pursued you for a year? That tells you that he is not healthy… healthy people don’t keep chasing unavailable people or treat available people poorly. However, the issue is not him, it’s you. Why you don’t break up with him. He has had 3 strikes already. Time to be out.

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    The advice is unpleasant yet simple- get rid of this guy and find a one who cares about you AND matches your communication style.

    Him not talking to you on the phone while he’s in a bar with his friends is normal, I cringed at the part where you called him even when you were with your friends; but everything else is pretty much screaming he doesn’t give a s….

    Also has it occurred to you, that for some other woman you’re one of the women he secretly texts?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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