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    Currently, I live in South Korea temporarily. I met this guy at a party. He was hungover and was staggering all over the place, so we helped him get home lol. However, he did remember what happened and apologized the next morning. He’s level headed and a pretty nice guy who knows his boundaries, so I stayed friends with him.

    The more I got to know him, he started telling me and asking me personal things as well. He noticed and remembered everything I wrote on my profile, so he did care about me a lot I think. He also asked if I was hurt many times in the past, and how he used to be someone like that as well. I told him about some married douche hitting on me recently, then he joked that he’s not a married dude and that I didn’t need to worry lolol. He told me “we can be really good friends.”

    When we did get friendlier, he asked me to teach him some English. He still does. I’m wondering if he wants to be more than friends and just using English as an excuse to get closer, or is just using me for English. If anyone knows a thing or two about Korean men, let me know!

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    What makes you think he might be using you? Because of english lessons? Pretty sure he could get that elsewhere. I think he likes you, however it is too soon to assume that it’s in a romantic way. Keep learning about eachother, especially the culture.

    But you personally have to think about if it’s worth making this more than friends down the line if it happens to go that way, and if you’ll be able to substain a relationship since you are temporarily in his country.

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    Unless you can be in the moment and just see him as a friend, I wouldn’t get involved. Guys will show early on if they are into you by setting up dates (courting you).

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    Simple if he is interested he will ask you out. Otherwise take what he said at face value.

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