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    So me and my ex/current situation ship has been going on for 3 years. We’ve recently been really really good and he has even mentioned to my friends about asking me to be his girlfriend! However I think I’ve messed up abit. I may have stalked some girls on his instagram and viewed their stories. He brought it up to me as the girl messaged him and I admitted it. He said it didn’t sit right with him and he felt it was abit Physco . I explained to him that it was nothing to do with him, like I wasn’t looking for anything or trying to catch him out etc I was just being nosey. He said he wanted to bring it up to me and he said if we get to a point that we don’t talk about stuff or question things then that’s when there is a problem. We had a normal conversation after wards and I rang him after work. I asked if he as upset with me and he said no, and I asked if we were fine. But I panic and overthink. We’re both busy this week/weekend so I don’t think I’ll see him. Do you think I’ve messed it up? I’ve spoke to my friends and they all thinks it not a massive issue and if it was,he would have made it known. What do you think I should do? Give him space for a few days? Let him come to me? Or grovel? Thanks!!

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    Honey, 3 years? Not fully committed and in a situationship or with an ex? Neither of you are really committed to the idea of a healthy relationship if that is the case. Is it good to get caught creeping? No. Did you mess anything up that wasn’t already messed up? No.

    Just let him come to you, which you should have been doing to begin with. You already admitted wrong doing, and apologized. That is enough. Get rid of your social media.

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    There are many of us who at times get nosey. The issue here is you got caught. Whether thats a big deal? No. But the fact that you guys are still not in a relatnship and he hasnt asked you to be his gf in 3 years, thats not very comforting. And probabaly that cld be one of the reasons for your feelings of insecurity and hence the nosiness. Guess its all related. I think he caught you and u apologised. Pls do not over do the apologies or bring up the topic again. Just focus on doing what you wld hv originally done this weekend. And let him get in touch. He will. Just dont go arnd apologising again pls.

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