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    I have started dating someone I went to college with. We re-connected on a dating app and initially I had no preconceptions about the date, I guess I felt quite indifferent. I just thought it would be nice to meet up again. I remembered his humour from college and I guess that attracted me to the idea of meeting up.

    We have been dating for about 2 months now, and at first I was quite indifferent, but something made me want to see him again and again. He is so kind to me. We always have a great time together and everything just feels so easy.

    Now I am starting to catch feelings for him, but it scares me. I have had really bad experiences in relationships in the past with my ex boyfriends disappearing without warning, switching their feelings off like a tap and being extremely dishonest with quite major things.

    I know I should be enjoying these feelings during these new days of dating each other, but I am petrified of letting my feelings be known. I don’t want to come across as cold, but I have it so drilled into me that if I show any emotion, he will not want to see me any more .

    Please does anyone have advice. As soon as these feelings flare up, I just want to run, even thought I know I am starting to really like him.

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    Can I ask your age?

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    I’ve been there. You can test the water buy keeping an eye on his honesty. The way he treat others and family and pets. If he’s not forward and frank about his life, there is warning bells right there.

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    @Raven I am 29

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