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    The guy I have been seeing for over a month now has just recently moved house , we are not official, just dating really.
    I am going to see him on Sunday and I was wondering if I should buy him a gift?
    I have done it before for men who weren’t my boyfriends and it never turned out well for me and I have never really got anything from them either, so I am not sure if I should bother making an effort ?

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    If I were going to a(ny) friends new place I would take a nice bottle of wine, nothing over $20.00…

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    Liz Lemon

    I agree with Raven. Assuming he drinks, bring a nice bottle of wine as a housewarming gift, but nothing extravagant. If he doesn’t drink, maybe a nice plant for the new home. I wouldn’t do anything more than that for a guy you barely started dating.

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    Agree. Buy a gift only if you want to, it’s a nice gesture if you do, probably won’t be missed if you don’t. For over a month of dating, you can get him an inexpensive little housewarming gift (like wine under $20 as Raven suggested if he drinks). I was recently looking up gift ideas for a boyfriend’s parents, and a point I’d never thought about before: food / dessert, alcohol, or flowers etc. were suggested over something “permanent” so that no one has to deal with reminders if you’re not that serious yet and break up! Probably a good rule of thumb for someone you’re not official with yet as well.

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    Agree with everyone, about something minimal that is not permanent and only do it because you want to and not because you feel you have to. I’ll lean on food, you haven’t been dating for long, no need to buy him anything home ware related, he’ll just freak out.

    I vote for Wine or dessert.

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