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    I have been dating this guy for a month. Everything was going great, we have seen each other 1-2 times per week since talking. We ended up having sex around date 5 before initiating the “what are you looking for” talk then asked him what he was looking for in terms of dating on our next meet up. (NOT immediately after sex) a week had gone by.

    So he told me he was open to seeing where things go. Then asked me what I was looking for, I told him the same. Everything was still fine, went on another date after that. Ended up having sex again, but this time something happened. We realized the condom had broke but we kept going (mistake I know) I’m still upset about it and that it happened. But I’m sensing since that happened he has been acting distant with me all of a sudden. He initiated another meet up after this happened but we did not see each other, because he didn’t mention anything on the day of so I just left it alone.

    Well it’s now been a few days since it’s happened and I’m feeling he has been texting less and just overall acting weird. So I brought it up and told him if he wanted to talk about what happened that night and he said sure. I just told him that it was not the smartest thing for us to do and if he was having sex with anyone else, he said no.

    Am I overthinking things? Could what have happened turned him off? I have never done something like that before and I’m still upset at myself that I allowed us to continue! I feel like he may think that’s who I am now and now he’s lost interest?

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