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    It started because he was a colleague then later on since i am going with him every after work and dropping me home eveeyday i think friendship blooms sharing things, enjoying each company, and whatsoever. Then what happed one time, he suddenly jealous of one guy which is our workmate too, i never seen him upset to me and that started for everything between us but we both agree that we will not commit but we have the “relationship” so i assume it ia FWB thingy. We even say to each other “iloveyou”, what couples do is the same things to us.

    We are like couples calling, checking up on each other, helping each other in everything, giving gifts to each other, celebrate one’s achievement in work,sex, dating and everything! We are like this for like for 5 months from August to December.

    so,thats situation hit me and never believe myself that i fall to this guy even we both agree that we cannot commit.

    And now just this january 2021, i dont know what happen but he waa telling me that it is end and find myself really heart broken! I know it will be hars on me the process of healing or moving on because i am working with him! Now he treated me like trash and he doeant care about me totaly and this really hurt i cried a lot at night! But i always control myswld not to communicate with him because obviously he was done!

    It really hurts that he was saying that even we will be over he will always be there to me but seeing him now he doesnt care about me amd treat me like trash im really really a heart broken dont know what to do i cant resign. 😭😭 kindly please someone give advice i will appreciate big time. 🙏

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