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    Hi. My friend and I met last year. He started off as friends, and then we ‘get’ each other. A few months later, he’s being romantic. He said he saw me as a life partner. But because of different religion, he said he couldn’t pursue me. His sweetness fade over time, but we still talk like friends.

    Also, I always initiate the chats, but he rarely starts the chat. We’ve been chatting since the start of our friendship until February 20. I stopped chatting for two days, then chatted him again. He’s the same as before.

    I’m also confused. If I’m just a friend, why would he say that “he’s okay with not talking for months to a year as long as I tell him”? He’d also tell me why he’d been busy or tell me if we won’t be able to talk for a while because of work. Or he wanted to let him know if something’s up that’s why I couldn’t talk to him.

    Will there be a chance that we’ll be together in the future?

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    No, there is no chance

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    Its sounds like the door has closed. Either you keep him around as a friend or move on.

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    Zip, nada, zero, zilch. You are coming off as extremely “desperate” and that is so unattractive to a man! You need to stay away from him, he’s like your heroin (drug), and until you get over this unrequited love obsession with him you are going to keep suffering.

    You need to detox, stop talking, stalking, or spending any time with him. That is the only way you are going to end this one-sided obsession and hopefully get back to a healthier state of mind and happier life.

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    Yeah. It’s for the best.

    Besides, he’s still haven’t moved on from his first love. Even though he was hurt and he enjoys seeing her salt and pain, he said he needs to end things with her. But he told me he’ll be on a deadlock for three years and he doesn’t know what will happen to him after that.

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