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    Eric Charles

    Hello everyone,

    This is going to be an ever evolving document.

    First off, my philosophy about how the forums function is an extension of the philosophy I bring to the site and my articles: I want a place where women can come while they’re struggling and get helpful answers to their struggles… Answers that get them out of fear, pain and confusion and into inspiration, peace and clarity.

    I want women to be successful, happy and effective in creating and having the love life they’ve always wanted.

    I write my opinion, but before I write anything, I ask myself, “What would I want someone to tell my sister if she was struggling with this question? How would I want someone to speak to her? What would I want their advice to be?”

    That question helps me calibrate when to be firm and when to be gentle… and where the line is between what comes across as lovingly direct/clear and unnecessarily harsh.

    Also, my feeling is that since I already have my articles, my newsletters and a frequently updated presence on Facebook, I have enough presence without needing to be in the forums all the time.

    I feel that if Sabrina and I were posting here frequently, our presence would dominate other voices (due to our established presence and stature as owners of the site) and it would squelch the organic growth of a great forum community.

    For that reason, my preference is to be more of a background presence that makes sure the community continues to grow in a healthy way.

    In the event that you see something going off track in these forums, it is my hope that you’ll reach out to me on Facebook and let me know. Thanks.

    My hope is that people will understand that we want a good experience for all and that these rules are designed to make sure that the forum isn’t a good experience for some at the expense of others.

    Now for the forum rules…


    Legal notice: The material posted in the forum does not reflect the opinions of Eric Charles, Sabrina Alexis or A New Mode, Inc. All material in this forum (and the website as a whole) is not professional, legal or medical advice and should be considered for your entertainment purposes only. Anything you choose to do or not do in your life is your responsibility alone – not the forums, not this website’s, not the author’s on this website and not the posters in the forums. If you do something, it is solely on you; this website and its owners are not responsible.

    You must agree to these terms in order to read this website and/or participate in the forums.

    Purpose of this forum: For people to post relationship questions and get answers from the community.

    What is not allowed here:

    – no bullying, shaming or attacking others for their personal choices, beliefs, shortcomings or mistakes. (If someone is posting here, you don’t know their emotional state – they don’t need more negativity from a community where they’re posting emotionally raw and vulnerable details of their personal life.)

    – no outside contact – this means no discussion of contacting other forum members outside of the forums or sharing details where they can contact you, whether through email, other forums, other websites, social media, etc.

    – no using people’s personal history/personal life against them to invalidate their points (an example of this might be a woman giving an approach to a relationship problem and then a forum member bringing up that poster’s past mistakes, struggles, problems, issues, etc.)

    – no shoving your advice down other people’s throats – I understand you want to help, but be prepared for some people not agreeing your advice, not being grateful for it or just plain ignoring you. I understand how that can be frustrating, but if you find yourself being annoyed by a fellow poster, please just walk away. (After all, if your reasoning in the first place was purely, generously to help the poster, you wouldn’t all of a sudden switch to hating them in the event they don’t appreciate your advice, right?)

    – no “doxxing” other forum members. That means if you happen to discover another forum member’s personal details (including but not limited to: where they live, where they work, social media profiles, links to people they’re related to, business they work with) and you share it on this forum, you will be banned. There is no circumstance where it would ever be acceptable to share another member’s personal details without that member’s explicit consent such as by volunteering that info in their posts.

    Users may be banned at the sole discretion of Eric, Sabrina and/or the A New Mode staff for any reason (or no reason at all).

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