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    I met a guy who I really like in early april. He’s 21, I’m 27. We clicked on all levels. We were talking for two weeks and I then told him about the fact that I’m not with my son’s dad but I stay where he lives when I go to visit my son because it’s cheaper and convenient. It’s not my son’s dad house,its his grandmother. I told the new guy about it because he was open with me about his situation with his son . However it did not sit well with him. So I decided to do something I should have done long ago… i stopped staying at the house when I visited. He said he didn’t like that because it feels like he’s disrupting the emotional environment that my son is in. I then said we should stop talking then since that was the case. He said ok. But he hasn’t stopped reaching out since. And every chance he gets,he interacts with me at work… we work at the same company. Different departments.

    I have however blocked him because we had a discussion and he said we could not move forward because he didn’t want to build something with somebody who wasn’t his wife. He quickly stated that I misread what he said. My challenge is I’m leaving my place of work to go on an internship for two mths. He has discovered that I’ve blocked him but has been wanting to take me to breakfast etc…

    I honestly really like him and now I think about it , I should have never gotten involved with somebody at this stage but I have since stopped staying at my son’s dad house. BUT I am wondering if I should completely close the door on what could have been…even if the new guy seemingly doesn’t want to let go.

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    There’s quite an age gap between the two of you…

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    One thing is this situation is not clear between you. You need to have a clear conversation on what you both want in order to move forward together. You both have children and any relationship you decide to have should be a mature and responsible one. If there is no understanding of what you both want then it’s best to not get involve.

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    Amy S

    So this guy you haven’t even met has told you how to live your life and you have played along even though you were in a routine that suited you and your child ? Read this back and read it again. This is not your guy. For many reasons.

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