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    Hey guys!

    So my head is all over the place right now. My fiancée got really drunk after an argument he and I had and called his ex who he had been with for nearly a decade. He said that he only phoned her to rub it in her face that he’s found someone that’s so much better than her but the call lasted just under an hour. The ex confirmed his story. Am I thinking too deeply into things or is it that he still cares.

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    Look its your fiancee but i found that even if he called to tell her you are so much better very yuk. Who rubs that in when you been with someone for ten years. And how did you find out she agrees with his side if the story? You called her?
    I rather have him call her as a miss you than this reason really. Tells me he is spiteful, resentfull, shallow and mean

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    I don’t think that’s a healthy thing to do, to call your ex of 10yrs and tell them you’ve found someone better.

    When you’re truly over an ex you don’t do things like this. When did they break-up? I hope you’re not his rebound.

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    Guys my thoughts exactly. Before being his ex she’s a woman. It’s just not a nice thing to do to someone. I would of never have called her I made him cal her.

    I was thinking the same thing I would ever call my ex’s and tell them about what’s going on in my life because I don’t care what anyone has to say as long as I’m happy.

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    What was the argument about? That sounds relevant to me

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    It was because he found out that my first boyfriend had the same surname as him

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    There are two data points here and neither is good in any shape or form. At best very immature at worst mean and argumentative. I hope he has some other redeeming qualities.

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