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    I started a new job 2 months ago. I work in London and the company has a hot desk policy. I’ve been floating around. So far I’ve been quiet, ate lunch myself. I was polite to other colleagues and kept myself to myself and kept my personal life to myself. Even when they ask me about my weekend, what I’ve been up to.. I keep it vague.

    A lot of colleagues won’t even give me any time of day, which is fine. For the past few weeks I’ve been getting a vibe from a colleague of mine. He’s quite too and because 8/10 are female, only 20% are guys in my junior level.

    Last week, he came over to ask me to do something and he commented I look very smart and when he said it he lightly ran the back of his hand on my arm. It didn’t feel inappropriate but it was probably too friendly or even flirtatious. I could be wrong but that’s the vibe I got.

    Then today, I sat by myself for lunch ( I prefer to eat quietly and have been eating alone for the past 2 months ) and he came over and sat at my bench. We starting talking non work stuff and it was quite nice and peaceful. But then shortly after, a bunch of other girls came over to the bench. I hate (and I mean hate!) large group of people. I felt uncomfortable but had to try hard to make conversation. We were at opposite ends due to the influx of people. I was managing ok talking to some girls but he left silently middle/ near the end of the lunch break.

    He’s generally quite quiet in the office and he knows I’m quiet too. And he’s always very polite and keeps thanking me for helping him with stuff. I’m always like it’s fine, it’s what I get paid to do.

    What do you think? Do you think he is maybe giving some vibes? I mean I would never shoot where I eat and most likely never will but this is the vibe I’m getting.

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    The touching you thing is WAY creepy. Keep an eye on this!

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    I think he’s interested in you.. see how it goes.

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    Update today-

    He’s not spoken to me or shown any signals today. I think I was maybe just overthinking it or fantasising something. Oh well. It’s best though, I wouldn’t want to anything to affect my work.

    Thanks anyway

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