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    I just have a quick question in regards to something that is not necessarily bothering me but concerns me a bit.

    My boyfriend lately has been declining sex. Last time we had sex was 2 weeks ago. We’ve been together over a year so we have already been past the sex diminishes stage. But our normal is at least twice a week. We still flirt and talk dirty but when we see each other he’s not initiating sex. He still touches me but if i touch him back he gets aroused but does not want to actually have the sex. And I want him that way but he declines when I come on to him, even to a point he got a bit upset saying its not just about that. And I’m like “I know but I want to be with you”. Sooo, I don’t know.

    What could cause this?

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    he maybe having performance anxiety but i doubt it…i’m a much older woman in my sixties and i can say this with some certainity…he’s getting bored with the same oh, same oh. talk to him about other things other than sex, don’t complain about the lack of sex. i know it’s a form of rejection but be patient. do something fun together… don’t forget to listen, listen, listen. when he declines and gets upset is a sign he does not want to be pressured to have sex or is losing interest.baby you can’t hold on to a man with sex…he needs more and so do you. keep in mind he maybe wanting to move on and does not want to hurt you…either way get answers to your questions before you make any assumptions…and keep your female friends out of your business!!!!

    Mod update: Thanks for your input, Rose! I did a quick edit of your post since it appeared in all CAPITAL LETTERS. All capital letters is considered to be a form of “yelling” in a lot of online forums, so I ‘toned it down’. :) Thanks again, carry on everyone!

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    It is not necessary to YELL YOUR RESPONSE…

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    Well we do not have any major issues at the moment, I don’t have any “gut” feelings that something is off either. We do not have any COVID19 cases in our country (finally cleared) so we still have plenty of activities together also with his or my family and our mutual friends, he is still very much affectionate, which is why I am a bit puzzled. I can go without the sex for over 2 weeks, it’s not that I am complaining. 😅 However I was only asking just in case it may mean something to watch out for. So thanks for your tips Rose. 👍🏻

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