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    A few days ago my male friend at work admitted he’s been wanting to go a step further than friends but i somewhat shut him down.

    So today he said “ i feel like a fool for telling you how i feel i should’ve never spoke on my feelings, i should’ve kept looking & said nothing ”and i asked him why did he feel like that And

    he said :

    1) we work together
    2) your 23 and I’m 33
    3) why would you want me 4)you don’t know me

    And i said “ i partially agree” and that’s when he said “see” And he hasn’t spoken to me since

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    What’s your question? I mean you essentially rejected him twice, so I’m not sure what you expect him to do. If i was him i would back off completely too, its hurtful and humiliating to get rejected. What are you unclear about?

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    Shania Powell

    I rejected him the first time because we do work together but we continued to talk. So now he won’t even speak? Where did i reject him a second time

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    You rejected him again by saying you partially agreed to what he said. You could have been agreeing to the “why would you want me” part of his conversation which would be a total ego deflater!!

    You are young so maybe you didn’t intend it to come off that way. In the future your best reply would have been, “you seem like a really nice guy and no I don’t know you but I have a rule about not dating coworkers”. End of story. You don’t insult him and he doesn’t go off pouting and ignoring you.

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    Shania Powell

    Ahh ok! I didn’t mean it that way. I wasn’t thinking.

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    When you said you “partially agree” did you clarify you meant the co-worker part? If not, its not hard to see how he would have taken it very personally.
    Being rejected is always humiliating and hurtful. You don’t want to talk to someone who has rejected you. Its incredibly awkward, weird and painful. Not your fault btw just the way life is. Just accept it the way it is and just leave him be for now.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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