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    My nephew is getting married in 3 weeks in Florida, 100 people. Am I the only one who thinks this is cRaZy???!!! So many variables, not least of which are that his stepdad just had major life-saving surgery, his grandmother is 93 and just had a stroke (both of whom ARE attending this fiasco), and they are a non-mask-believing bunch, mid-20s, with clearly irresponsible parental guidance imo. To top it off, we are in a family business, so politics alone keep me from declining. I feel like I HAVE to go. Oh yeah, he’s my Godson too! There are no precautions being taken in Florida regarding size limits, indoor dining and the like. The ceremony and cocktail hour are outside (weather permitting) but the 100 person reception will have a sit down dinner and dancing! Like what?!! It’s also a night wedding so the plan was hotel rooms, which is more risk. Just curious of your thoughts. TIA!

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    ***the 100 person reception is indoors …

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    Peggy Rafuse

    You should not go. It is risky and wrong to participate in this. If you think you will get flack about declining, I would be “conveniently sick or in a minor accident etc.” around that time and send my regrets.

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    Don’t go. Yes, it’s crazy – it is exactly as bad, or worse, than you are thinking.

    Just send them a card that says “You are the reason why things are so bad. Please don’t bring children into this world with your selfish thinking.”

    Ask them if it’s gauche to have an over-under betting pool on how many of your relatives they may contract the virus and die from this event.

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    You don’t have to go. You don’t want to pay the consequences for not going. I guess you just have to ask yourself if the consequences (them being angry or upset with you) are worth it to you. Would there be other consequences not worth it to you?

    Don’t try to change their minds, it’s impossible. If you decide not to go, maybe use the “it’s me, not you” argument. There is a part of my family who is the same way and made plans for large gatherings over the holidays. I was really worried they’d judge me by standing up for not going, but I explained it in terms of me, without judging them. I explained I was really worried about making others sick and even if it’s all “overkill” (they like using that word about the virus) I’m just going to stay home. I emphasized I loved them all, that I missed them all and that I can’t wait until I can see them in person.

    Sometimes it’s how you present it. It doesn’t have to be a fight and it won’t if you don’t engage. Good luck!!!

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    Politely decline and tell them the truth if they ask why you won’t be attending. You have every right to decline for health and personal safety reasons without judgement.

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