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    Hi everyone, hoping I can get a read on this situation. I started a job about six months ago and had a very rough start (multiple family emergencies being the biggest reason). During this time, I started crushing on one of my co-workers who is functionally one of my supervisors. Because of this, I am completely professional at work and try to keep as much distance from him as possible, only reaching out when I need to for work.

    The problem is him. He’ll seek me out when I’m busy to just sit next to me and chat and he’s always touching my arm and shoulder when he talks to me. When I’m learning how to do something new, he takes my hands and guides me through it, instead of just telling me what to do. He’s not very patient when other people make mistakes, but he has never gotten upset with me when I make them. Sometimes, he’ll make excuses for me to our bosses when they ask about mistakes that I’ve made. When I mentioned to another coworker that I’ve always enjoyed working with him, she said, “he’s only nice to you because of your family situation.”

    I’m afraid that his behavior is going to affect the way others at work see me because he treats me so differently from everyone else, but I don’t know which way to address it. Does he feel sorry for me? Does he actually like me? Or is it something else? I feel like once I know that, I’ll be able to figure out how to talk to him about it.

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    He must stop touching you at once!

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    What is ‘your family situation?’

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