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    I’ve been with my bf for a while now. We have a great time when we are together. I am a natural giver and I give from my heart. He just seems so ungrateful at times. I care about his well being and health so I make sure he eats good, I bought him some vitamins to help him out as well, I make sure his health is ok period in any way that I can. I make sure that his emotional health is good by being there for him when he needs to vent, whether he has to fuss about someone I’m there. Spiritually I’m there for him. Recently I noticed that he was eyeing some shoes that he really like. The shoes even matched a Nike outfit that I bought him before. So just because I bought those shoes for him and they were about $300. He knew about me buying them already so it wasn’t much of a shocker. I was on the phone with him and I got the email that the shoes will be delivered soon. I said “yay aren’t you excited!” He responds back “what do I have to be excited about” and it absolutely killed my mood. I’m sensitive when it comes to him. That hurt on the inside. Like I don’t understand why he would even say that. The most I ever got from him was some workout clothes from Marshalls and I was so happy for it. I acted like he gave me a diamond ring or something. It’s because I am appreciative. I don’t care the amount of money on the gift I receive it’s the thought of it. He didn’t even care what I did. Smh. I made him a whole self care basket just because. The shoes I made a another basket with the Jordan’s in it, some high end cologne, gold chain, and some other items. All because I love him and I know he loves these things. Him saying “what do I have to be excited for” cut me deep. Showed zero appreciation. I at a point where k can’t even talk to him on the phone without that playing in the back of my mind. There’s absolutely nothing he could say to “clean” that statement up. I even asked what he meant and he said he didn’t mean it that way and when asked how he meant it he couldn’t tell me a straight up answer. Like I feel like a true idiot for buying this crap now and I really bought it outta the kindness in me. I saw how much he liked these items. I feel dumb now.

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    Stop. Buying. His. Love.

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    you are acting like his mother , not his gf…
    why you keep buying him things? I understand you are giver but you need to stop if he isn’t doing the same for you. Some men are like that as in they seem to not appreciate things but that is because they either don’t know how to show emotions or are not used to be given things.
    Either way you are mothering him, it is not healthy.

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    this is so one sided. why do all the pampering? a relationship should be give and take. don’t go overboard in giving. this will cause resentment going ahead especially when he doesn’t reciprocate. your doing way too much and he has already started taking things and you for granted.

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    Because your love language is gifts. Thats how you show and receive love and it does not mean you’re materialistic. Look up the 5 love languages. We love people the way we like to reveive love. It seems his is different. He appreciates it he does, but he’s not trying to make it seem a big deal. You can still buy him stuff just lower the frequency a bit.

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    You don’t have the same values as your boyfriend. Just move on. He should have noticed you were upset and at least said thank you. What do you like about him?

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    Amy S

    Aw you’re trying too hard. It’s nice and so kind but come on a self care basket. ??! That is fine for your bestie that just got dumped but this is a man. Can you imagine him telling his mates about his self care basket. Too hilarious. Oh dear. Just pull the heck back and play it very very cool and hopefully you can pull this back.

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    You need to shift and put all your energy on yourself because guys don’t think the way girls do and they end up having a sense of entitlement to you andd of your time when a girl invests so much. To submit up you may always be disappointed until you change your way of thinking.

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    *to sum it up you may always be disappointed…

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