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    Hi there, my husband and I haven’t even been married a year and we barely do anything. We have complete opposite schedules but I’m starting to feel distant and physical intimacy isn’t number one but what’s going on? I am starting to feel really sad.

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    married for 1 year but how long have you been together? why are your schedules different? have you talked to him? I feel sometimes people stop trying once they get married, they feel like they have achieved something and that is it. I remember a woman I know who told me that when she complained to her husband about some things he wasn’t doing, he replied : I married you what else do you want.
    You need to talk to your husband, realign your schedules and see if the situation improves.

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    My husband and I are busy people. We have to make plans for intimacy — I realize spontaneity is romantic but sometimes you have to actually talk about when you are going to make time for it to happen.

    Communicate with each other and make it a priority as a team. Practice different ways to bring it up and think about when would be a good time (mostly when neither of you are stressed, hungry or tired). Do it sooner rather than later.

    Consider it practice for all the challenges that come with marriage. You’ll have many instances where you will need to talk about difficult things and the art of communicating with your spouse is the key.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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