Music Festival Must-Haves post image

Music Festival Must-Haves

It’s hard to believe that Coachella is a mere few days away! As an avid music festival addict, I will of course be packing my most fabulous boho belongings and heading to Cali for this music/style fest!

I hit the festival circuit for the first time last year going to Coachella, Lollapalooza and Treasure Island festival. Through my travels, I’ve discovered tons of amazing new bands and learned tons of do’s and don’ts when it comes to festival fashion. Dressing for a music festival can be tricky.  On the one hand, a music festival is a unique experience and a great chance to show off your unique style. On the other, it’s a billion degrees, it’s muddy and there are sweaty bodies left and right. While we all wanna look cute, we need to balance that with a major helping of practicality.

Whether you’ll be joining me (and thousands of others) in the desert this year or heading to Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands or any of the other amazing festivals on the horizon, we’ve got the suitcase essentials to solve your packing predicaments!

Read on for our music festival must-haves. [continue reading…]

Look We Love: Ladylike Lace post image

Look We Love: Ladylike Lace

I never thought I’d be saying this, but my style seems to be evolving in a very ladylike direction. I think it started when I got thick, blunt bangs. Somehow, my grungy, edgy aesthetic looked too severe and I had to soften things up. And I’m liking it!

There are many ladylike styles I’m loving, and I’m sure Ill be writing about them all, so stay tuned, but topping the list is lace. Not the sheer, sexy sort of lace. No, I’m talking about the old school, ladylike lace that radiates romance and vintage charm. The sweet, feminine feel of these pieces is a bit unexpected on the modern girl and can look incredibly cool and impossibly chic when styled right.

Read on to check out my favorite ladylike lace pieces!

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Trend to Try: 1970’s Revival post image

Trend to Try: 1970’s Revival

What do Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Topher Grace and Spring 2011 have in common? (Hint: it has nothing to do with friends with benefits, insane anorexic ballet dancers, or bad 80’s style rom-com remakes – seriously Topher stick to the decade that did you well).

No, what these three now A-List stars have in common is that they can all credit the 70’s with jump starting their careers.

The way I look at it, if this fabulous threesome parleyed the 70’s into successful careers, I see no reason why I couldn’t use the decade as inspiration for my Spring wardrobe!

This Spring is all about taking a modern approach to 1970s fashion. From the disco-glam, to the bohemian-chic, to the Yves Saint Laurent sharp tailoring, the Spring 2011 runways had it all! These three ’70s styles come with a plethora of trendy outfits, all of which spell groovy!

Runways showed long hemlines, low necklines, metallics, wide legged pants, high-waisted pants, platform heels, maxi skirts, bow blouses, hot pants, jumpsuits, bold patterns, vibrant colors, wrap dresses, over the knee boots, faux fur, fringe, big sunglasses, floppy hats, pleats, peasant blouses, drapey long dresses, just to name a few.

Check below for the perfect items to add to your spring wardrobe to give it that 70’s touch and make it truly far out!! Mix and match these 70’s style items and contemporary style for an awesome balanced modern and old school look, or if you truly have disco fever wear the all!

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Style Guide: Winter to Spring Transition post image

Time for Spring… well maybe not outside, but certainly in my closet!

With Spring around the corner, or in about three weeks according to Mr. Groundhog (although I highly doubt it), I can’t stop obsessing about my new Spring wardrobe. My only problem is that every time I steal a look at my new Spring purchases, I get a pang of longing, a premature desire to parade around wearing my Spring purchases way before it would be temporally appropriate to do so. The very thought caused me to consider postponing any further additions to my Spring clothing portfolio until — heaven’s no — Spring!!

Not!!! Rather than declare a cease fire on shopping — something which is frankly against my religion — why not bring some Spring into my Winter wardrobe? The key to wearing Spring items in the Winter is layering—cardigans, blazers, stockings, and socks are your best friends! Add more and more till you have that Winter clothing warmth with that new Spring style! But be mindful that you don’t layer to the point that you appear larger than you are!

So how do you get a Spr-inter (Spring + Winter = Spr-inter, if you need to ask) wardrobe? Check below for some awesome Spring fashions and learn how you can wear them now!

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How to Wear Now: L.A.M.B Fall 2011 RTW post image

Closing out New York Fashion Week, Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B Fall 2011 collection proves that indecisiveness can sometimes have its merits. The collection, a fusion of six mini collections, demonstrates that you can be a new type of girl almost every day of the week with no need to be boxed into a single type.

So here goes my week according to Gwen … “Soldier Girl” Monday, has me wearing green and khaki tightly tailored looks such as wrap trench coats, twill and leather menswear cropped pants, ties, shearling jackets, camouflage pleated skirts and, to top it off, chic khaki headscarves. “Ragamuffin Girl”

Tuesday has me wearing bright colored menswear inspired shirts, Navajo-inspired printed dresses, skirts, and accessories, and a rasta hat. On “London Girl” Wednesday I am a wearing menswear inspired pieces such as pants, shirts, and ties; leather pants; and plaid suits, skirts, and shift dresses galore.”Buffalo Girl” Thursday has me wearing southwest knits and long wool trenches over long camel colored skirts and wool pants. On “Mod Girl” Friday, I am wearing minimalistic dresses and blouses in black and white prints such as polka dots and strips.

“Glamour Girl” Saturday is all about the 70s inspired long black dresses with gold accessories. With only six mini collections, Sunday is all about the man of the hour, Gwen’s son Kingston who walked down the runway with his mother— he truly is the cutest best clothed celeb kid so why not try for Kingston Sunday?

Read on for some L.A.M.B. inspired pieces that you can wear now to kick start your fashionable week according to Gwen! [continue reading…]

How to Wear Now: Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2011 RTW post image

For her first show at the Theater, Lincoln Center’s largest venue, Rebecca Minkoff‘s Fall 2011 collection proved that she is a connoisseur of coolness. Inspired by former model Charlotte Kemp, Minkoff created a collection that embodied the spirit of a sexy, glamorous, rocker, bohemian girl, way too cool for her own good. A combination of hard-edge rock and glamour girl styles, the collection is both covetable and completely wearable.

In a style she calls “urban gypsy”, Minkoff combines the hard and soft aspects of her collection: the contrasting styles symbolized by leather and tweed versus chiffon, sequins, fur, and delicate lace; and the skinny jeans, leggings, chunky sweaters, leather shorts, versus long flowy skirts and dresses, fitted blazers, body con dresses, and trench coats. There isn’t any question that I could see myself walking down the street in almost all of these outfits… if I were cooler you might even see me in those lace leggings and leotards, but for now I’ll leave that to all the Gaga and Single Ladies fans out there.

My favorite look — and it is not even close — was the leopard print jumpsuit. Although leopard has been around for quite a few seasons now, I just can’t get enough of it and thankfully neither can Minkoff because this leopard jumpsuit just oozes coolness. There is no doubt that this jumpsuit would make anyone too cool for school!

If you’re like me and can’t wait to let your inner chic rocker bohemian gypsy out, read on for some super cool Rebecca Minkoff-inspired outfits! [continue reading…]

How to Wear Now: Jill Stuart Fall 2011 RTW post image

Lions, tigers, and Jill Stuart…. oh my!! Known for her flirty, feminine dresses, Jill Stuart went from rather girly to quite animalistic in her Fall 2011 collection. While PETA may not get a kick out of this animal lovin’, the bold colored abstract fox, owl, and eagle prints, along with an array of suede, leather, and fur outfits is enough to make any fashionista develop puppy love or rather go ape-shit!

Stuart’s collection continued with the 70s trend that has been a runway favorite for some seasons, but nevertheless she still managed to make it her own. Along with the fox and owl dessert colored long shifts, below the knee skirts, and tops, Stuart amped up the color with a slew of dessert hued color-blocked separates.

If the ton of vibrant hues of orange, blues, greens weren’t enough, Stuart gave her collection the extra pop of metallic hued dresses, pants, and skirts, making it really shine. While I am a sucker for anything shiny, there really isn’t anything not to love in Stuart’s Fall collection— she even throws in what she does best, a couple of flirty frocks for those girly girls in us all.

While I am in love with Stuart’s foxy collection, I am a little too antsy to wait to try some of these looks. So if you have had enough of hearing my animal references and would rather just wear them, check below for some Jill Stuart-inspired styles you can wear now! [continue reading…]

How to Wear Now: Proenza Schouler Fall 2011 post image

Proenza Schouler‘s Fall 2011 collection, stands far above many of its New York Fashion Week peers. Designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez undeniably have a knack for creating exquisitely tailored sophisticated, yet edgy, looks that make me feel as if I have died and gone to heaven, or rather to a Southwestern frontier 80s video game.

Inspired by colorful geometric South and Latin American textile designs and using computer engineered colorful tribal graphic fabrics in wool, knit, and velvet, McCollough and Hernandez took slouchy pants, chunky sweaters, and sheath dresses to a whole new level. Things only get better and better, with stand out turquoise and black and neon and yellow black silk fringed macramé ( yes, macramé) skirts paired with western button downs and bold necklaces… level up! The final five cocktail dresses, each using hand-painted velvet on transparent silk, were sexy, chic, edgy, giving the collection that final pow… and showing how the west or rather fashion week was won!

The collection was all about the details… and boy were there many of them: patent leather shearling coats, velvet jacquard dresses, strappy sandals, patterned clutch purses, leather shirts, and chunky knits (just to name a few). Every detail was perfectly in place creating a collection which I both love and hate — love, because really what is not to love and hate, because it will be torture waiting months for these pieces!

If you are feeling quite tortured like me check below for some awesome Proenza Shouler inspired styles that you can wear right now! [continue reading…]

Celeb Style Inspiration: Blake Lively post image

Blake Lively has come a long way from those not so stylish, all-powerful traveling jeans from her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants days. The thin leggy blond has made quite the name for herself not only in the TV and movie industries, but in the fashion world, hanging with the likes of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. Even men love Blake, recognizing her in’s ranking as 2011’s most desirable woman. Blake has truly become the new “it” girl.

Marked by a style that can at once be described as sexy, bold, chic, and fashion forward, the main thing, which, more than anything, sets Blake apart is her ability to dress for her body. When Blake dresses up, she is all about the mantra “if you got em, flaunt em.” Blessed with long legs and big boobs (or perhaps blessed with a great plastic surgeon), Blake knows exactly what to wear to make her body look good. In fact, it is hard to find Blake in an outfit that doesn’t play up at least one of these body parts.

Blake’s style is all about balancing what is fashionable while flattering her figure. Even though Blake is tall and thin, you do not see her in every runway trend. The lesson learned is to know what looks good on your body and adapt the trends from there!

Check below for Blake Lively Spring 2011 inspired finds and tips on how to make them work for you! [continue reading…]

Cool Ways to Stay Warm this Winter post image

The other day while making my 15-block trek to work I found myself unnaturally freezing. The weather wasn’t unnaturally brutal, so it had to be something else. I looked down and to my horror, realized that I had prematurely left my apartment and didn’t have any cozy accessories. No scarf, hat,  gloves, nothing! It was pretty amazing to me that my long wool coat was rendered useless in the absence of my winter add-ons.

I managed to survive the walk without a lick of frostbite but vowed never ever to leave home without my adornments. I was never one for winter accessories, to me it seemed like a pain to have so many items to keep track of so instead I was just always freezing and left wondering why I was shivering so much more violently than anyone in my vicinity.

Well lesson learned, cozy accessories are a must and make all the difference on these cruel winter days. And with so many cool winter accessories, staying warm in style is a cinch!

Read on for my winter-accessory must-list!

[continue reading…]

Go Wild: The Ultimate Guide to Animal Prints post image

Have you ever gushed over a piece of animal print – like that awesome faux fur coat in the windows of H&M right now – only to ask yourself, “Wait, is this cheetah or leopard?”

I’ve always wondered what print I was actually wearing, and didn’t truly know the answer until I greased my research elbows and got down to business to reveal the shockingly stark difference between cheetah and leopard prints.

Animal print is undeniably the trend of the season, so it’s only fair that you actually know what animal you’re wearing when someone pays you a compliment.

Read on for my explanation of cheetah, tiger, lion, cow, zebra, giraffe and dalmatian prints. It’s everything you’ve always wanted to know about animal prints, but never knew how or where to learn! [continue reading…]

ANM Spotlight: Gilt’s Holiday Shop (Featuring Gifts Selected by Nina Garcia) post image

Gift-giving season is right around the corner and this year Gilt Groupe is partnering with Marie Claire and Nina Garcia for Gilt’s Holiday Shop. There will be FOUR sales in total, every Monday starting today (November 22nd) through December 13th and will feature products selected by Nina based off interpretations from the themes in Marie Claire‘s December issue. Each sale will feature a stylish, carefully curated selection of gifts for everyone on your list, covering the categories of women, men, home and children. [continue reading…]

Fashion History Lesson: The Evolution of Flannel & Plaid post image

Europeans called it flannelette. The French coined it Flanelle. And the Germans? They removed that extra “e” but kept the extra l for “Flannell.”

But us Americans? We just call it “flannel.”

From the 1970s through today, American flannel has been seen on everyone from awkward tourists to lumberjacks to hipsters to celebrities to hot tech guys and even high-brow designers with a penchant for the plaid stuff.

So what is flannel, and how is it different from plaid? Flannel and plaid are often used interchangeably, only because flannel shirts — referring to the soft woven cotton used to make the shirt that is “flannel” — are designed using the now quintessential red and black plaid print.

But flannel is not plaid, and plaid is not flannel — rather, they are like a set of twin brothers who may not be the same person, but dangit you can’t help but mix ‘em up because they just share so much in common.

Lets break it down.

[continue reading…]

How to Layer Without Looking Larger post image

The layered look is always in style and is especially essential during the fall when the temperatures fluctuate constantly, and in the winter, when it’s freezing outside and sweltering indoors.

Layering can also help you get more mileage out of the items already hanging in your closet. You’d be amazed at how many new outfits you can come up with just by playing around and doing some mixing and matching with your old standbys.

This trend requires you to proceed with caution, because if you layer blindly, you can run the risk of looking sloppy and frumpy.

But fear not, I’ve got you covered with tips to help you make the layered look work.

Read the rest of this article at

5 Fabulous Fall Fashion Fix-Its post image

While summer’s problems revolved around how to hide unmentionables in minimal amounts of clothing, fall fashion affords a lot more coverage. However, different problems arise, such as sagging boots, pit stains and buckle bulge. Fortunately, with the help of some crafty fashion fix-its, you won’t have top worry about being a walking wardrobe malfunction.

Read on for head to toe solutions that will help keep it all together. [continue reading…]

Thrifty Living: How to Avoid Bedbugs When Shopping Secondhand post image

Bed bugs. The general public agrees that they’re hard to get and even harder to get rid of. But with most cases residing in foreign countries and NYC apartments, it’s safe to say that the rest of the country has little to worry about … right?

Wrong! According to experts, bed bugs aren’t just risks at hostels, dirty motels or crowded NYC apartment buildings. Recently, national clothing stores, media companies and prestigious opera houses have fallen victim to bed bug invasion. And then there’s those cases in wealthy South Florida hotels, suburban Los Angeles homes and even in college dorms. Looks like bed bugs are leaving urban mattresses in search of greener pastures.

No matter where they come from or where they’re going, between the hours of 1AM and 5AM these creepy crawly critters want to snuggle with you in the warmth of your bed for a quick bite to eat and an even quicker scamper back to their dark, secret hiding places. They’re spreading their blood-sucking selves into the beds of warm human bodies nationwide, and if you aren’t careful with your shopping habits, you may be welcoming an expensive exterminator along with those new bedmates of yours.

Sure, thrifty finds are unique and cheap, but the exterminator? He’ll need $1000+ to take care of your little creepy crawlies. No need to go into panic mode because fortunately, there are measures you can take to enjoy thrifty finds and avoid bedbugs.

Read on for my advice on how to best avoid bringing bed bugs home with you when shopping thrift and second-hand finds. [continue reading…]

Look We Love: Schoolgirl-Chic post image

Look We Love: Schoolgirl-Chic

School is back in session. Whether you’ve been hitting the books this fall or not, you can still incorporate a little schoolgirl chic into your look. Classic schoolgirl staples (pleated skirts, button down cardigans, knee-socks, blazers, etc) make excellent additions to any fall wardrobe and add a bit of sophistication with a playful spirit, depending on how you style the look (you definitely do NOT want to look like you’re channeling Britney Spears circa …Baby One More Time).

If you’re dubious about the concept of borrowing from the schoolgirls, just look at Alexander Wang’s Fall 2010 collection which demonstrated that smart staples like pinstriped separates, thigh-highs and backpacks can be sexy, avant-garde and grown-up.  And then there’s fashion muse extraordinary Alexa Chung who is renowned for her preppy style that blends school-girl sweetness with and edgy street-chic sensibility.

Yes, school-girl staples can be both sophisticated, sexy and sharp, so why not invest in a few this fall?

Read on for my favorite schoolgirl finds. [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: A Nude Cocktail Dress post image

The Little Black Dress is no longer the end-all be-all when it comes to looking polished and chic. On the other end of the spectrum is the LND (Little Nude Dress), which is just as versatile and flattering as its counterpart. Actually, the nude dress may be even more versatile than the LBD and in most cases can be casual-ified for daytime activities and corporate-ified for a day at the office- and then, of course, cocktail-ified for a night out.

A nude cocktail dress is a softer, less sultry alternative to a black on and and has a beautiful ethereal quality that contains a different, more muted, sort of sex-appeal which is more fresh and modern.

So get in touch with the nudist in you and check out my top finds! [continue reading…]

30 Summer Fashion Finds Under $30 post image

It’s hard to believe we’re in the summer home stretch with only one month of summer left and maybe an additional month of warm weather if we’re lucky. At this stage in the game, you may be getting sick of your summer wardrobe and craving a few new pieces to carry you through. Or you may have some special events lined up for August- music festivals, trips, parties, etc. Now is the time to squeeze in every last bit of fun in the sun.

Splurging on summer clothing would be silly at this stage in the game. And fortunately, there are plenty of cute summer pieces out there at amazing prices which will help anchor your wardrobe.

Read on for 30 amazing fashion finds under $30!

[continue reading…]

Celeb Style Inspiration: Kate Bosworth post image

It can be difficult to look put-together during the sweltering summer months. If I had to pick one summer style muse, it would be Kate Bosworth. Kate’s style is effortless, airy, and laid-back. Rather than selecting statement-making pieces, she prefers to mix and match simple summer basics for a signature style that is always on point but still accessible.

Kate’s summer wardrobe is made up of lots of neutrals, soft prints, ethereal dresses, boho tops, and relaxed-fitting cargos and cut-offs, all of which are highly versatile pieces that can be used to create endless summer ensembles.

Rather than recreating her exact outfits, like we often do in our celeb style inspiration posts, I decided to round up a selection of pieces that could easily fit right into Kate’s wardrobe, if they don’t already.

Read on for our Kate-inspired finds! [continue reading…]

Exposed Lingerie: Sexy or Skanky? post image

In this sweltering heat, going out wearing a bra as a top can be quite tempting. And you wouldn’t be totally nuts for doing so- exposed lingerie is quite the trend right now. There have been several occasions where I almost left the house wearing nothing but a bra under some of my sheer tops but i always chicken out when my hand hits the door-knob, run back to my room, and layer a cami under said top. I mean I loved the way the exposed-lingerie trend looked on the Spring/Summer 2010 runways and think that style mavens like Leighton Meester, Chloe Sevigny, and Zoe Saldana all rocked the look in classy ways, but I still have my hesitations.

What do you all think about exposed underpinnings: Is it sexy or skanky?

Trend to Rediscover: Tie Dye post image

Trend to Rediscover: Tie Dye

Nothing captures the spirit of summer quite like tie-dye. It’s fun, carefree, playful, and fortunately, no longer embarassingly retro. That’s right, tie-dye is back in all its boho glory summoning that familiar hippie peace and love spirit with a modern twist.

From dresses to shorts to skirts to tanks, a touch of tie-dye makes any piece just a bit cooler. Read on for my top tie-dye finds! [continue reading…]

A Worthy Investment: A Work-of-Art Necklace post image

I am a complete and total jewelry junkie. Accessories, for the most part, can not only make the outfit, they can alter it dramatically. Something subdued and minimal can become instantly avant-garde with the right jewelry piece and no piece has a greater impact than the work-of-art necklace.

A work-of-art necklace is like any other piece of art, only you get more mileage out of it because you wear it around your neck for all the world to see. It is the kind of piece that can radically transform an outfit- you can use it to complete a relatively subdued ensemble like Jessica Alba, or to add more wow to an already standout-look like Olivia Palermo. It is also highly versatile and can be worn with your fancy cocktail frocks, funky party dresses, or $5 tee-shirts.

Read on for my work-of-art finds! [continue reading…]

Top 5 Things to Watch Out for While Thrifting (and How to Know What’s Salvageable) post image

When shopping, you’d never stop to consider whether a piece has tears, holes, stains or snags. But when buying vintage, think again: That one-of-a-kind DVF dress may actually be too good to be true.

I’ve come home from thrifting delighted with my latest finds only to realize that I’ve purchased something that’s only salvageable with some serious investment in a tailor, or with that sewing kit collecting dust under my bed. If you’re anything like me, you’d rather have a ready-to-wear vintage piece, not a ready-to-sew one, instead.

When thrifting, I give each piece a one-minute rundown before I choose to buy. You’d be surprised what you can miss even when trying something on. You’re so excited by the possibility of a great buy that you fail to see the tiny hole in the arm pit ready to burst with one false move, or forget to check vintage fur and come home with a coat that sheds more than your cat. I’ve been there, and it’s not pretty!

No matter where you’re from, there’s a treasure chest of vintage nearby that’s just waiting to be thrifted and added to your closet. The catch: Like picking up a new sport, you need a few pointers before hitting the vintage-hunting playing field.

Read on for my tips on securing the most top quality vintage pieces at your local thrift store and avoiding the pieces that aren’t. With these tips in mind, and some solid practice, you’ll be scoring a vintage-hunting home-run in no time. [continue reading…]

Look We Love: Military Inspired post image

Military-inspired fashion has been around for quite some time and the fact that it continues to re-emerge has caused this look to transcend beyond the boundaries of a ‘trend.’ On the Spring 2010 runways, military-inspired pieces proved to be more versatile than ever and were used to create a broad spectrum of looks: classic, avant-garde, feminine, androgynous boho, edgy- there are just so many amazing directions to take.

[continue reading…]

ANM Lust-Haves and Must-Haves post image

ANM Lust-Haves and Must-Haves

My life is heavily saturated with beauty and fashion. From spending hours on end perusing the merchandise on e-shopping sites, attending previews and beauty launches, being flooded with press releases, there is a lot out there to sift through.

Through my efforts, I often come across items that fill me with lust and items that are so amazing and useful that they have been deemed musts. I can’t always include these items in specific stories I’m working on so I’ve devised a new way to share my amazing finds: a regular lust-haves and must-haves post!

[continue reading…]

Trend to Try: Peek-A-Boo Flesh post image

Trend to Try: Peek-A-Boo Flesh

Everyones favorite childhood game has grown up and been reinterpreted into one majorly sexy fashion trend: Peek-a-boo flesh. Flashes of skin was a recurring theme on the Spring 2010 runways- cut-outs, lace and mesh insets, slits, shredding, holes- designers pulled out all the stops this season to give a little peak at what’s underneath. This style can be a little intimidating, so only expose as much as you’re comfortable with. My rule of thumb: enough to entice, not enough to appall.

A bit of peek-a-boo can update anything from a basic LBD to a simple tank and infuses a fun, unexpected, fashion-forward edge. Of course, make sure to offset the sexiness of extra exposure by lowering the volume on the rest of your ensemble. Think simple shoes, less flashy accessories, minimal makeup. Removing the excess glitz will keep your look classy, but still sexy, a winning combo if there ever was one!

Read on for my top peek-a-boo picks! [continue reading…]

Wardrobe Must: A Sexy LRD (Little Red Dress) post image

Bill Blass once said: “When in doubt, wear red,” a sentiment which I fully stand behind! Red definitely has a leg up on black, everyone’s favorite go-to, when it comes to the standout sex appeal and the va va voom factor. I really believe that it’s impossible for anyone not to look, and feel, sexy in red. It’s definitely one of those shades guaranteed to get heads turning but it can also be a little intimidating to wear.

Since red is such an inherently sexy shade, it’s important to look for styles that are slightly more on the conservative side. Anything too short or low-cut and you run the risk of looking cheap, definitely something to avoid at all costs! A perfect example is Emmy Rossum, pictured above wearing Donna Karan. The slouchy silhouette of the dress offset the striking-ness of the color for a style that was sexy, but still fuss-free and relaxed. Diane Kruger’s sheer red Calvin Klein dress was definitely a head-turner, but the knee-length cut of the dress kept it from being too vampy (not that she could look anything less than perfect!). The point is, this color is one that should be embraced and not feared because it looks spectacular when done right.
Every gal needs at least one LRD in her closet and I’ve rounded up 10 fabulous ones to choose from! [continue reading…]

Coachella Recap: Top Styles and Tunes post image

As I mentioned last week, I was given the incredible opportunity to attend Coachella thanks to Amex- (I’m one of the bloggers on their advisory board for the new Zync card and they had a booth set up in the vip area to introduce people to the card). Coachella is famous not only for their consistently incredible lineup, but for attracting some of the most stylish people from near and far. Being surrounded by my two greatest loves- music and fashion- for three days strait was my nirvana. And then getting VIP access and an air conditioned Amex booth with musicians coming and going for interviews all day just orbited the experience to a whole new level.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share my first Coachella experience, so read on for my show highlights and roundup of he key festival trends.
[continue reading…]

Crop Tops: Love Or Loathe?

The crop-top seemed destined to be filed under the “what was I thinking” category along with many other other impossible to understand or explain styles of the 90’s. However, much to the chagrin or many, crop tops made a valiant return for Spring 2010 as seen on the influential runways of labels such as Twenty8Twelve, Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson x RVCA, Thakoon, and more.

And this trend got even stronger for Fall 2010, appearing on the runways of fashion heavyweights such as Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, and Missoni. So has the crop-top been given an unjustly harsh rep? Is there something fabulous about it that we’ve all been missing? On the one hand, this trend will definitely motivate you to stay in shape. On the other, would anyone, save for the cast of the Jersey Shore, really go out in public with your midriff showing?

Vote now and let us know what you think!


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