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    Sad girl

    We were together for 3 years. He broke up with me and kicked me out of his house during the pandemic. He doesn’t even know where I went. He started seeing someone before it was over and was on a dating site 2 days after it was officially over. I think he’s a narcisist. He says I’m a negative person that he doesn’t want to be around. It’s been 5 weeks with no contact. I feel like I’m going crazy without him. He’s dating. It’s like I never existed.

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    Why would you want him back???

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    he literally kicked you out. and put the blame on you. and you still are stalking him and want to be wid him? no pls. let him go.

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    Amanda Courtney

    my ex and was off and on for along time. At the end there was so much fighting. I finally had enough and told him that i told myself never to put up with this anymore so he told me to drop him off at his mother’s house usually when he would this i beg for him to stay with me. Well i dropped him off and have not talked to him in a month in a half. do you believe he will come back?

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    Sharon Thompson

    I have been messaging someone for three months , he has cancelled plans to meet twice, and now not heard nothing for nearly three weeks , this is three times he has ghosted me .

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    Sharon Thompson, have you 2 meet in person?

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    My ex and i meet up 2 a week. He acts like a friend but acts like my Husband. What do i do? is this a sign from the Universe? do need to take my time? why does he act like my husband if we are friends?

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    Sharon Thompson

    No we have not met up yet but haven’t heard nothing for three weeks , and can’t stop thinking about him , he just ignored my messages , what should I do ?

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    ‘Sharon Thompson’
    Please move forward… Sadly, this guy has no intention of meeting up with you. He’s cancelled on You three times.

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    More information please… He’s your ex?

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