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    I am in a LDR for 5 months. We met online via a language exchange site. We clicked instantly despite a small language gap. We met during his business trip at my place and he confessed his love and wants to develop serious relationship with me. We have one hour time difference and We text everyday but his work is very busy so we seldom text during the office hours. He sends good morning and good night sweet text everyday. We call about 5 times a week (video in weekend). He is very affectionate and always tells me he loves me and wants to stay together. 2 days ago we were talking about the plan when I go visit him in April, he totally forgot the place he mentioned (the only place we talked about 2 months ago) that he wants to go with me. I was disappointed that he forgot our promise considering he said I am his priority. He said sorry and asked if I was angry. no fight nor argue but I felt I might have overreacted and upset him. That night, I texted him to be careful (because of COVID-19) and said good night. He replied and sent a general good night without any sweet emotions.
    Yesterday he still initiated the good morning and good night text but without the sweetness and affections that he usually shows. I tried not to disturb him with other text. This early morning, he sent him good morning but again without any loving emotions/ sweet words. I tried to act normal and replied as I normally do but undo the kisses and hugs . I am not sure what to do. My bf is a polite and good manner person. I worry that I would come across as too needy and stresses him if I initiate any other sweet text. Would appreciate yiur thoughts.

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