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    I think I’m FWB with a narcissist. I told him I didn’t want to hear about other women when we spend time together. He got mad. Ended it. Turned himself into a victim. Of course I felt bad and catered. Apologized and everything else. He said he needed time to think. Not to expect any detastic changes. He put us in a break whatever that means.

    It’s been over a week. I haven’t heard anything. I’m not going to text him either. What does, “let’s take a break mean?”

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    If you think he is a narcissist, you can gladly ignore him and completely move on. He is just trying to punish you.

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    Let’s take a break means run away as fast as you can. FWB can’t be unbalanced like this. If it’s his way or the highway and he has no commitment to you and doesn’t care about your feelings, WHY would you continue to stay??? Why would you reward him with more hook ups? Why did you cater in response? Re-read all the good advice in your last post. You’re in your 40s, don’t you deserve an adult and not a man-child?

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    Why are you still hanging out with this guy?!

    Might want to get an STD test while you’re at it.

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    It means he needs space away from you. Or it cld also be a polite way of breakin up. Just forget him and move on. If its just fwb arrangement your lukin for, that shldnt be too hard to find. But ensure that the next fwb is not a douche bag.

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    Narcissists suck. There’s only one way to win with narcissists – don’t engage. Get the hell away from this guy unless you want more of the same abuse. Don’t call him out, don’t say anything further to him, whatever you say will be used against you. Block and forget, right now.

    And please take a look at why you started catering to him when he treated you like dirt (wanting you to listen to the stories of other women he’s dating), you stood up for yourself and he punished you for it. By doing that you showed him you are someone he can easily manipulate. Ideal target for a narcissist.

    Quit giving him the goodies with no strings attached, he doesn’t deserve it. And you’re also at a health risk sleeping with him while he’s dating other women because a narcissist will lie to you and to them about his sexual activity without batting an eye and absolutely no guilt. Narcissists are dangerous because they’re very damaged and they do not care in the least about other people, it’s all about them.

    Lastly, any man who tells you he wants to “take a break” is actually breaking up with you.

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    He reached out today so I made the break permanent. I’m over the breaks. Someone wants a break from me, I’ll give them all the break they want. Breaks are for people who can’t deal with their feelings, can’t communicate, or being immature. I deserve better.

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    Gud you cut him loose forever. You can do better.

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    That’s the way to do it! I’m the same way. Hey, you need space? Here, take the whole universe. “Let’s take a break” is a lame way to break up and I’m glad you saw the light.

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    “Hey, you need space? Here, take the whole universe”

    That had me laughing out loud… 😂🤣😅

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