What do I do?

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    A year ago one of my guy friends asked me out, twice. I was still healing from a toxic relationship and I froze up and didn’t answer,and he changed the subject. We’ve never talked about it again. We hangout sometimes and it’s so easy between us. I really do like him but I’m scared to bring the topic back up to him. We’re both single and we both still flirt with eachother. What do I do?

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    Better off single

    Keep moving forward and stop looking back to old conversations. You’re a different person now.

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    Hi-Better off Single-your advice makes no sense. She is a different person now, but a
    stable,happier one, who wishes she had given,wants to give, this guy a chance to be more than friends.
    I think I would casually say this ” Ben,you mentioned something a couple of times, about us going on a date. I think I would like to try that now,if you still do. Then,leave it to him. He may has changed his mind and you will be disappointed. But at least you won’t be left wonderinf what “might have been”. Plus hopefully,he will still be in to dating you.

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    I agree with Peggy here.

    Lilah how do the 2 if you flirt? He might not interpret the signals you are sending him the way you want.

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    He’ll offer me his coat if he’s wearing one or tell me to make sure I stay warm if he knows I’m going to be doing outdoor things like hunting. We make a lot of eye contact and he always laughs and smiles around me. Our siblings are married so there’s a lot of pressure about if we dated and broke up that it would make our family dynamic weird. It’s such a difficult situation.

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