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    So this guy and I were sort of talking for about a month on IG. He wanted to meet up but I hestitated because I didn’t want to like him.. he just seemed like a player or f*ckboy may you say. He asked me over and over and hinting to meet up but I eventually left him on read. It was awkward because he was viewing my stories still. Then he messaged me later and said he would leave me alone. He thought I thought he was being weird and creepy. He had since stopped watching my stories and messaging me. We came to a mutual understanding and agreed it was fine. The last message he sent I left him on read. We still follow each other but we don’t communicate at all. Couple weeks later I responded to a story he posted, but all he did was “liked” it. And that was that. I get it, it was his way of not wanting to talk. Which is not him.. he’s such a friendly guy overall. I was really taken back! I thought we were cool..he totally made me feel so embarrassed! I mean since communication is nonexistent should I just unfollow him??? I’m sure he’s talking to other girls too or had lost interest in me which is fine but can’t we be cool? This is driving me crazy because I don’t know what he’s thinking! Is it to get back at me for not responding to his previous messages? What do you think??

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    I am going to be very harsh here…

    How old are you? I hope no more than 16. Please grow up.

    Next time you like someone, meet them. Then meet them again and communicate by phone and text to decide when that will be.

    You came to an understanding? About what? Your non relationship that you have only on Instagram?

    Until you can communicate like an adult, I suggest dating and flirting be left out of your life.

    He likes you, asked you out. You said no. He pulled back and you panicked and played games. If you like him, simply say, I thought about it, let’s meet. Games get games or pulling away. Stop doing it.

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    Better off single


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    So you met a guy on Insta, who followed you and paid attention and asked you out and you declined, so he has stopped paying attention and now you are upset. If he kept paying attention, you’d call him a creeper.

    Are you trying to date or get likes on Instagram? It’s two different scenarios.

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    Like Tallspicy said are you guys teenagers? Because why would you even care about a random stranger on IG you know absolutely nothing about? He probably wouldn’t notice if you unfollowed him or not..and he most likely follows tons of women and sends DMs to people all the time. Cut your losses. I’m surprised you even care. It’s social media.

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    I get what y’all saying but we can’t even be cool? We’re not teenagers and what if we ran into each other ? It just makes it awkward.

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    I have to agree with the others…you sound like an immature child! You talked to a guy on IG for a month, wouldn’t agree to a date with him because you thought he was a player or just after sex, and you ignored him until he finally told you he would leave you alone. You ignored his last message then expect because you commented on a story he posted he would talk to you again? You are the one who ignored him and didn’t want to talk to him! Maybe if you learned to communicate like an adult he could understand what in the world you want out of this because I certainly can’t! Communication is non-existent because you IGNORED him instead of simply saying you would like to be friends but aren’t interested in dating. Or whatever it is you expect because as I said I certainly can’t tell from reading this nonsense and I’m sure he can’t either.

    I think the odds of you running into each other are slim. Seriously unless you are following his IG and hope to show up somewhere he is. And so what if it’s awkward. Life is full of awkward moments. You have to put on your big girl panties and grow up and learn to deal with them.

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    What is even being “cool”?
    You gave him all the signs you were not interested but you still want his “likes”.
    Do you need him to keep fluffing your ego?

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    HE asked you out and you said no.
    Why do you even care about a man you have never met?

    So what if you run into him somewhere, you don’t know each other and probably won’t recognize one another.

    Yes, unfollow him so can stop wasting time worrying about him.

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    How would you randomly run into him? Your story is a bit shady. You’ve never met? He probably wouldn’t recognize you and for all you know he could be a fake person..or even a bot. Consider spending your time better? Perhaps pursuing keep your mind busy. You’ll laugh at yourself later for caring about this. Best of luck

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    Stop creating fantasies in your head!

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    Yes, sorry, but this is very immature . Leaving someone on read does not make you an important person – you mentioned this a few times as though you’re proud of it . Next time you like someone and they’re asking you out , be nice and reply back . We live and we learn .

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