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    I met at guy at work a year or so ago. We flirted , but nothing much since then. I left the work place and he added me on social media and sent me a message . I didn’t hear from him so I bit the bullet and asked him to meet up. He said he would have to check when he is free as he is busy ( that is genuinely true ) . I said let me know when your free.

    I realised he was probably trying to just brush me off, so I said oh you don’t seem keen . He said he is, just needs to figure things out and we can meet for coffee and see what the deal is. He hasn’t asked me . It’s been a few days . This is dead in the water isn’t it ? Did he just not want to say no to me ?

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    Dead. You reached out, you asked him to date you. He politely blew you off. Don’t pretend you’re unsure of the message.

    Try not to feel rejected. Hes not obligated to reciprocate your interest.

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    Liz Lemon

    Yeah it’s dead in the water. He felt uncomfortable saying no, especially after you said to him that he didn’t seem keen. What was he supposed to respond? “Yes, you’re right, I’m not keen because I’m not interested in you.”

    If a man wants to see you, he makes time to see you. Period. It doesn’t take days to for someone to figure out when they’re available for a coffee.

    Like Dangerouse said, try not to take it personally. He didn’t reciprocate your interest but that happens more often than not in dating. You just have to move on to the next guy.

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    Thanks for your replies. On to the next :)

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    & remove him from your social media…

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    Bella,you went with your move,he didnt show interest which doesn’t mean he isn’t interested..Maybe the timing isn’t right for him..I wouldnt remove him from social media but I wouldnt reach out or wait for him either..

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